Platinum Lucifer

Disappeared for two days to relax with friends and catch up with other things ^_^. Here’s the overdue review for the Volks SRW OG Weiss Ritter. I’ve also added a new “Super Robot Wars” section where the reviews for the Volks figures and Kotobukiya kits (in the future) are stored. 2/3 of the way into October already… geez, time is flying! That’s great though because I’m more than ready to get back into MG reviews at the start of next month.

With the yen going up (along with the dollar going down), almost 1 usd=100 yen, it gets a bit tough trying to buy loots from Japan at the moment ^^;. I’m mainly looking for supplies right now (hello Flat Coat) and there doesn’t seem to be any US sites that have the stuff I want orz.

oh, and…

Best. Car. Commercial. Ever

Full Armor MK III

More Full Armor GFF goodness today with the review of the GFF Full Armor Gundam Mk III. Definitely one of the best looking Full Armor Gundams out there ^^. Wish my camera have better white balance so I can actually change the tone better…

Currently figuring out how to last my last two days as a “teenager” ^^;. Hmm… having everyone calling me “grown up” is beginning to get to me just a little but that’s okay because being young at heart is all that matters!

On the other side of hobbies…Been trying to set up a time to install my Euro R stuff on my car but first need to find the right hardware (screws, clips and nuts) and the right weather (70+ degrees). I was thinking of waiting until next spring since winter is around the corner but I’m not THAT patient… especially after waiting over half a year for the parts to arrive already. It’s also time I start planning (saving up) for mods I want to do next year- mainly an exhaust manifold. Most likely Mugen or FEEL’S if I start RIGHT NOW since it’ll cost one shiny penny.

Currently reviewing Alt-chan and will have it up hopefully by tomorrow… or Sunday if I’m gone all day tomorrow.

Rampage Ghost

Finally! Something to go with Thrudgelmir! These were in the package that I mentioned in my last post. Look forward to their reviews later this week or next.

I’ve made a point to myself to boycott (with very few exceptions) Kotobukiya SRW kits after building the 1/144 R-1 (garbage) and Cybuster until their quality and CRAFTSMANSHIP is worth the price. If I want SRW stuff, it would definitely be these figures. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this Alt-chan and Weis-chan for years now ^^;

Not-So-Perfect Gundam

This would be the Perfect Gundam but unforunately… it’s a GFF :). Completed my reiview for the GFF PF-78-1 Perfect Gundam today. Just three more GFF to go!… but I caught a cold yesterday so I’m trying to rest up as much as I can for now. Though I don’t mind the stuffed and runny nose, the sore throat, coughs, and sneezing… the part that gets me the worst is I CAN’T TASTE ANYTHING! Ugh…

But anyway, this came in the mail this morning :)

I’ll let you all know what’s inside when I come home ^^;

GFF Blues

Blue indeed… Just finished the review for the GFF Full Armor Gundam [Blue Version]. Enjoy! ^_^

Okay, next one…

If anyone is wondering, I’m reviewing my GFF backlog in this order:

1. Perfect Gundam

2. Gundam MK III

3. Gundam GP03S w/ Weapon System

4. Deep Striker

I plan to finish reviewing all of my GFF by the end of this month before I go back to MG reviews ^^;

Gurren Lagann in SRW

This video is incredibly GAR. Now I really want to see Gurren Lagann being animated into future Super Robot Wars game! It’ll be the next best thing since GaoGaiGar!

Sorry no reviews today. I stayed out a bit late and came home just a little too tired to do anything right now ^^;. In desperate need for sleep…

Edit: It seems like I can’t embed this video so here’s the link. It still works for me!

Odd Mix of Reviews

Finished three short reviews for today. I thought I’d finish reviewing my older SD Gundam models before I begin new ones. You might as well call these “filler” reviews since I don’t think anyone will ever look for them ^^;. Still… they might come in handy for reference purposes.


1/100 Destiny Gundam (no no… not the MG version. I’m saving that for later)

SD Nu Gundam HWS

SD Strike Freedom Gundam

I’ll have a new GFF review up tomorrow night as well. Currently working on it right now…