Strikingly Impulsive


Wow. Finally… it’s about time I’ve built and completed my review for the MG Force Impulse Gundam. Do check it out. This is one big review ^^; (140 images… 56k users, you’ve been warned). Hope you all enjoy the photos, it could be quite entertaining xD. Now I know what I really want to do with my second MG Impulse…

While I’m working on the GN Arms, I’ve also mustered enough courage to start on the review of a certain mecha… it’s quite GAR…

GN Arms Type E Kaishi!


Since my camera went out of battery during my MG Impulse photoshoot, guess I’ll launch my next project: HG 1/144 GN Arms Type E = Gundam Exia (Trans-Am Mode). I’ll finish up on Impulse’s review tomorrow for sure though. I’m just getting a bit carried away with it ^^;. Expect a REALLY LARGE gallery. UPDATE: Currently typing up the review right now but I’m going to sleep. I’ll post it up later tonight (it’s almost 3 AM right now). Hope all of you will look forward to it! ^^


It’s funny how Exia only takes up two pages in that huge construction manual and the rest is all for the GN Arms xD. I’m quite amazed at the amount of runners in this model and even more surprised that there’s not a huge abundance of foil stickers. One thing I am disappointed in is that this Trans Am Exia is rather… half-assed. I’ll be doing something about that…

Face of Arrogance

EDIT: I am done and starting on the photoshoot right now ^^


Very arrogant looking indeed ^^; Just a quick update on my progress with the MG Impulse. I’m done with the actual Gundam and just have the Force Silhouette and Excalibur to go… plus slapping on the decals and drowning it in top coat.


and shot of completed Impulse:


I apologize for not replying to some of the comments recently. I only have oh so much time to check this blog at home and make an update. I’m just crushed by many errands lately and this holiday week have been taxing on my body; the only thing I can think of doing is sleep.

The Winner


Congratulations to the Gordonator and his MG Wing Zero Custom on winning the contest. The above is the second photo of his entry. There’s nothing more appropriate than Wing Zero Custom dominating the sky ^^;. The majority agrees. Here’s the poll result:


As promised, the giveaway is the Kotobukiya R-Gun Powerd model kit (Gordon, check your email ^^).

The contest was fun and it was definitely interesting to see the different ideas all of you come up with to compete :D. It certainly gave me new ideas on what I could do with my own Gunplas. I’ll be hosting more giveaway contests in the future so I hope those who didn’t join this one will participate in the next. I’ll have better prizes including MGs but there will also be progressively harder contests…ranging from specific photo contests to something like “the best ‘home look’ Gunpla review contest”. Just brainstorming ideas haha. I really appreciate all the entries and once again, thank you all for playing! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Now back to my Impulse…

The Contestants

The poll is still running but thought I’d show the other participants right now ^^. I chose the best of the two from each entry and great photos aplenty. I was quite fond of a few of them but ahhh… tough to decide. Anyways, here they are…


Don’t think I’m missing anyone ^^;. I’ll leave it up to the photo’s owner to decide if they want to claim their entry. Lots of great photos. I really enjoyed this. Thank you all for joining!

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

Final Vote! READY! GOOO!!!

Alright! It’s time to begin voting for the winner of the Kotobukiya R-Gun Powered Giveaway Contest (for lack of a better name). But first off, let me just say this is done all in good fun and nature and the giveaway is a little bonus. If you didn’t get to win this time, there will always be another chance some other day. I will not accept any display of poor sportsmanship (sore loser), whining, accusation of any sort, and whatever rude comments/remarks about anything. Like I said, let’s just have fun and enjoy ^^.

Now i know I have a lot of holes in my contest rules and everything but this is the first time trying this out so I can always fix stuff up later. I’ll be a little lenient this time and just accept whatever was in my inbox and choose from there. I think I have about 21 entries and that was more than enough to give trouble in deciding who gets to go to finals. Some entries were great, and some better than others. It was very hard but it has to be done.

Now… without further adieu, I present the final contestants…

1. Wing Zero Custom


2. 3 PG Gundams


3. SD Musha Gundam


4. Exia x Haruhi


5. Meditating Gundam


6. Infinite Justice


And this is my entry…



While this poll is going on here, I’ll be monitoring another somewhere else ^^. Feel free to ask your parents, friends, comrades, ancestors, neighbors, girl next door to vote also but at least let them be honest about what they think is the best. Voting will go on for a day plus some change. Good luck to all of you!

A little Lightheaded…


Here’s what I’ve completed so far on my MG Impulse. Note to self: Never spray top coat in the bathroom even with the vent on… Whew. I stunk up the whole bathroom with the fume of Mr. Top Coat xD. Thank you all for the advices on the water decal. I continued using them and after spraying the top coat, it made it look like regular decals. I like it!

Final poll for the contest goes up tonight at 12 AM PST (I’ve scheduled it) ^^. I’ll present the finalists first then show the rest the next day so I don’t have a humongous post at once.

Closing Contest


I’ll be closing submission for the contest this Wednesday and start the final poll, not because I’ll be done with my Impulse (I wish…) but because I think it’s probably long enough for everyone to take a photo (that’s a week). 16 Entries so far and I’ve extended it to “top 5” (two spots have already been taken) so more chances for everyone. I’m not the only one judging so good luck to all of you. ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!