Already November…

Hope you all had a great Halloween and didn’t party too hard. Kinda hard to believe that we’re almost into the holidays… Time sure flies by when there’s so much going on; there really is not much time to relax =.=. Here are my blog’s stats for October.

I was very happy that I was able to get through all the reviews I wanted to get done for the month plus a few more stuff ^^. I’m even happier that each month’s hits continue to beat the previous months. I’m sure it’ll cap off eventually since this is such a niche blog but I’m not concerned with that; it’s just a good feeling to see a graph always going higher and higher ^^;. This blog finally hit the 100,000 views mark during this month but I didn’t think it was anything to celebrate over (waiting for 1,000,000!).

It seems like this blog is becoming a little more popular each month as I occasionally noticed referrers that I’ve never seen before, clicked on it to go to that site (usually forums) and saw some people were referring others to this blog to show them examples of Gunplas or GFF. Some were even in languages I don’t know!

After redesigning this blog, I noticed that the “Master Grade” section is the most popular page here BY FAR (1600 hits in Oct alone). Even though I reviewed GFF for the whole month, hits for MG still toppled everything. This gives me a really good sense of what most people want to read from this blog ^^;

Once again, I thank all of you for coming to this blog, checking out the contents I put up and providing feedbacks. It’s fun to get to know what all of you think about this shared interest and it’s certainly helpful to exchange ideas and opinions here. I love suggestions and constructive criticisms. I hope we can all continue this way! I would also like to thank all those who have added my blog to their blogroll since it helped traffic for me and I hope it did for you too.

Lastly, my goals for November… MG MG MG MG! I’m also still working on trying how to blog about my personal life without being completely out of the blue like “Here is today’s review… and now I’ll talk about my HS life.” WTFZ? xD

Well… back to working on the reviews!