Red Frame 2nd L

I thought it would be better to review this model while I scramble for free time to complete my MG Strike. Since I’ve reviewed the 1/100 Gold Frame, the Red Frame has been nagging at me to write one up for it too ^^;. As the title implies, this is the 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame Second L (take the name literally… you’ll see what I mean at the end of the review xD).

It seems like life likes to pile stuff upon me every time I start on a MG, making me extremely busy and delaying its completion for as long as it can. I hope to finish it by Monday and review up by Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Red Frame 2nd L

  1. I share the same sentiment as you, with stuffs piling up whenever beginning on a new project. Before, I used to try and complete a kit within a day or 2. But nowadays, it seemed to take forever.

    But I must admit doing them slowly does have its merits. Looking back at my 1st MG – God Gundam, I spotted many mistakes & flaws which I committed during assembly. Now I feel real bad whenever I see it. Gonna make up to it someday and strip it down and redo the whole thing.

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