Late Birthday Present


Oh how did my friends know?! ^^; Got this today and was tempted to work on it but I have tons of other project to complete. I’m loving the green transparent parts (saves me time from having to paint them green) but boohoo for gray GN spatulas.

As always, I got called to go out today so I didn’t get to finish my review ^^;. This seems to always happen whenever I’m near a MG model’s completion -_-;. Only halfway through with the photoshoot too so I probably won’t be able to get it up until maybe Thursday.

On another 00 related note, check out the full leaked version of Gundam 00 S2’s opening by UVERworld. The title is Hanaku Mo Towa something something. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Late Birthday Present

  1. I too just bought the SD 00 Gundam after dropping by my usual hobby store to get some supplies. Hopefully, I can start on it soon.

    At the same time, also check out whether they’re be bringing in the SDX Knight Gundam, the storekeeper says hopefully his boss will be ordering since the economy is pretty volatile right now and plenty of upcoming kits will be delay. :(

  2. Gordon, Thanks for the full title but I still can’t remember it ^^;
    Jacques, Not to mention things are getting more expensive to import from Japan due to strong yen o_o
    DNdynames, I like how SD gundams have more accurately colored parts now.

  3. lol Hanaku Mo Towa something something, sounds as if you’re saying this outloud to us :P

    And wow SD gundams are getting better in details and more colour parts too. Thought it was originally the case for 1/100 and 1/144 HG back then.

  4. have you ever gotten around to finding the SD wzc and nataku? i mean.. i had the 3 other EW boys but could never find the other 2… >.<

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