The Old Iron Giant


My next project is not a Gundam but something else entirely. I have hopes for it and it should be pretty awesome. It’s also somewhat of a new experience for me as well so I might take my time to work things through. The image above doesn’t necessarily relate to what I’m working on ^^;

After that, I am finally going to start on my MG Impulse! Yay!

11 thoughts on “The Old Iron Giant

  1. lol gotta keep us at the edge of our seats ehh Z?

    well finally your starting on Impulse soon, cant wait for that review. im sure its gonna be awesome.

  2. Gordon, it was an awesome movie :D

    Hono-san, I see what you did there xD

    Gunstray, yup… great movie indeed. Need to rewatch it again though.

    Francis, well.. I basically just told the entire name of the model I’m working on in the title xD. I’ll also be trying something a little different and new with Impulse too that might yield even better results ^^

  3. haha gotcha, wasnt paying much attention to the title and to what Hono-san said.

    well like with all your models, cant wait to see it.

    oh btw, i’m working on my old iron as well. cheers ^_^

  4. Z – Good thing you caught that, wasn’t sure if my humor was dieing out XD

    Francis – Lucky! I’m probably going to get my parents to buy it before/for Christmas.

  5. Hono-san : yeah i’ve had this sucker since summer, but never worked on him. but when my stash of models came down to him and Wing Zero Kai, i decided that i should take a break from gunpla and work on something new. BUT i think it will be my last srw kit. this is my second one and im just hating the plastic quality it feels weird and weak. but thats probably just me >_<

    anyways good luck getting it!!! ^_^

  6. Francis, it’s not you… the plastic do suck and it’s not very smooth either. One of the probable reason for this is because the SRW kits are made in China. Do show your model when you’re done! :D

  7. Z – sure thing, if i ever get it done that is. oh yeah today i went to the local shopping area and found myself with the Altalion and Grungust 0 in my hands. i was so tempted to buy Altalion but knowing what we do about srw kits and the fact that it doesnt come with any weapons at all made me put it back on the shelf. until koto do something about the quality of their kits Alt-chan is going to be my last -_-“

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