Korean BBQ

Who ever had Yakiniku or Korean BBQ before? I just went with my friends to try it out for the first time :D


This is the restaurant we went to in SE Portland. Though I’ve walked and drove by Toji probably a million times over the 7 years that I’ve been living here, I never once thought about coming here until today ^^;. It was my friend’s birthday so we treat him here.


Even though it wasn’t crowded inside nor was it busy, we still had to wait a good ten minutes before we got seated. The lights are dim and the atmosphere was rather cozy. Each table has a grill in the center (hibachi?) where people sizzle their meat platters. It must suck to clean all of them every night though…

After about 20 minutes of waiting, then out comes the food…


I can count the number of times I’ve had Korean food on only one hand so I’m not familiar at all with what I was eating ^^;. I just care that the food was DELICIOUS! The sake could’ve been better though…


Korean restaurants usually come with many mini side dishes (kim chi and a variety of pickled veggies) that can probably make up a full meal on its own and we couldn’t finish them all.Our waitress was nice enough to demonstrate and helped us get started on the grilling before letting us be. I thought the meat platter was well marinated… tempted me to try to make my own and grill at home. The “shrimp and vegetable friend rice” sounded nice on the menu but was actually “oily rice mixed with carrots and cucumbers with two bits of shrimp”. Ugh.


After dinner, we walked across to a Thai restaurant to grab some Thai Iced Tea. It sucked. Probably the worst Thai ice tea I ever had in my life; the tea had so much sugar that it was both sour and bitter with no real tea taste to it. This was also my first time trying Tsing Tao beer! It’s… awesome o_o Almost like beer-soda and it doesn’t have any of that beer aftertaste. After this, we just chilled and relax..


Birthday boy solved the rubik’s cube. lawl.

The Korean BBQ was a lot of fun and full of yums. Just typing this post made me very hungry. Definitely want to do it with friends again some time but it could really crush the wallet ^^;. Good times good times…