7 thoughts on “The Laws of Super Robot Anime

  1. “Villains might kill your family in front of you, but they aren’t rude enough to attack you while you are combining”
    LOL! XD

  2. “If its red and has a commander antenna, its three times faster.”
    Char must have read this lolz
    “Your personal power is directly proportional to the number of dead friends that were in your head.”
    Kamilile must have stolen the print-out from Char XD

  3. -GAttai reminds me of Voltes five ^_^;
    -Galaxies make great throwing stars(pure guren lagannn)
    -The law physics really, I mean litteraly offnded someone LOL


  5. Z, I just read this. Hilarious. And TRUE!

    I always wondered why someone didn’t just kick the Yellow Lion out from voltron…what would they do then?

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