SRW OG Gaiden


VERY late of me but I’ve finally started on Super Robot Wars Original Geneerations Gaiden. Thought I outta just breeze through this game once before I start on Z since it is only 39 stages. Of course, by the time I start Z, Banpresto would most likely have a new SRW coming out already orz. Already blew past the first five stages; Kai’s Gespenst MK II Kai Kai is freakin’ awesome!

Will do a little review on that little Art-1 figure some time this week and hopefully, I’d have completed the old iron giant by then as well.



So my glasses fell apart and lost the screw somewhere in my house (guess it dropped when I wasn’t around)… this means I can’t see the TV… meaning I can’t play SRW… orz. My vision sucks enough where things start to get blurry after four feet ^^;

Guess it’s just back to working on the model then…


6 thoughts on “SRW OG Gaiden

  1. Glad you liked Kai’s new Gespy. Jet Phantom = Gespy Limiter, Released! :D

    When you get Folka and his incredible Ialdabaoth, pump as much PP and Cash into him, since you’ll be using him a LOT. Same goes for Fighter Roa/Compatikaiser and Raul/Excellence.
    It also helps that both Folka and Fighter Roa have Soul as their Twin Commands (x2.5 damage FTW).

    Last note, you might know this already, but for every save you have in your Memory Card of SRW OG1, OG2 and OG2.5, you get a 50000 bonus in your starting game in Gaiden. So if you finished the last game and have you savefiles ready, you’d start off with 150000 credits. Fun times~

  2. How much is your degree for your glasses? Mine is 1400 or power -14 if u know wad I’m talking about… Hahaha… So Im really blind without my glasses on, cant even c anything unless it’s 5cm from me… XD

  3. Too bad about your glasses. I have the exact same problem with them so I make sure I tighten the screw every few weeks or I have to rely on my medical sunglasses until my dad can fix it. Good thing MG kits don’t suffer from this :p

  4. Meganeshounen, Yea… I’m looking forward to using Folka and Roa. I only managed to finish OG1 and skipped the last stage of OG2 xD so got 50000 only but 150k is easy to come by.

    Super Gentleman, I have no idea since I’ve had these glasses for almost five years ^^;

    AceWhatever, Good idea about tightening them every now and then o_o

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