Canon Rebel XSi – WANT


I’ve been itching for a camera upgrade ever since I felt my current SX100 IS is not up to my photo demands and me starting to outgrow it; I always feel that it can look a little better… and better. Guess my main target for Black Friday/Cyber Monday would be Canon’s XSi dSLR. I’ve been eyeing the camera for awhile but finally decided to jump the gun after consulting with Marvin. Not really a Canon fanboy but I grew up using them (gone through 3 canons and my dad has a sweet film SLR). It’ll be my first SLR and hope I can utilize its full potential some way down the road (I’ll also be taking a photography course in the spring as well). Lenses will destroy my wallet faster than any Gundam models ever could though… orz

I’m not a Photographer but photography has been one of my hobbies for years and learning how to take photos properly can come in very handy at times like during special occasions (and Gunpla reviews xD). One might remember the awesome moment in their head but being able to see it in person and share it in all its glory is even better.


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