MG Impulse Gundam STARTO!


Finally… I’ve been wanting to start on this MG for the longest time. I will be trying something new and let you all know how it goes after I’m done with it ^^;. It could make the Gundam look better, worse or just the same. Who knows…


10 thoughts on “MG Impulse Gundam STARTO!

  1. Good luck! I’ve made and painted this same kit a while ago as well, even though I hate Shin Asuka. It’s a good kit. By the way, want to share blogrolls? I like your Gundams!

  2. Congratz on getting MG Force Impulse I saw review of this gunpla on and can say that it’s very good.I’m right now waiting for MG Infinite Justice and Dynames Gundam, MG Force Impulse will have to wait on my list :D .

  3. Acesan, gladly. What’s your blog?

    Paliodor, I actually got this way back when it first came out but kept delaying and delaying it due to other projects ^^; MG IJ is a must have too!

  4. Wow Z, awesome. I love the Impulse, of the Seed universe, its easily my favorite. I do want to get the MG but for now, my HCM Pro will have to do!

    Can’t wait to see what you’re trying out!

  5. Aptkane, no no… no HCM-Pro will ever substitute its MG counterpart xD

    Q, Thanks. Will try not to take too long on it ^^;

    Ed, nothing on my part really. I’m just trying what I asked you about awhile back ^^;

    Acesan, done!

  6. @Z – Oh, I know Z, I know, but seems my wallet is pleading with me to take a break, I’ll oblige, plus I still have the S, Strike and Double X kits to finnish.

  7. Can’t wait to hear the review ^^
    i m eager to take all reference for mg kits..
    After z, i want to buy again,but must wait till next year due the financial problem lol.
    Now i want gundam with cool backpack/wings, impulse is on my list!

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