Contest Update


I’ve received 12 entries so far for the contest and have saved the photos to my comp. ^^ So far so good. If you didn’t get a “failed delivery” email then I most likely received it (sorry, I didn’t have time to reply to everyone). Those who still want to join or missed out on what’s going on can check out my previous entry. Depending on how many more entries I get, I might extend the finals up to Top 5 instead of 3. Some are good enough I think I can just let it to go to Finals already. I’ll be showing all the entries (one photo from each person) after this is all over. Remember, submission is over when I put up my MG Impulse review. Hope more people joins and thank you all who already participated ^^.

5 thoughts on “Contest Update

  1. Would take make people ‘less’ looking forward to your MG Impulse review and try to scramble to submit their photos? :P jk

    lol at the double thumbs up!

  2. i might join, imo you should hold off the photo shoot for another week or two… just to beef up the competition a bit.

    *gets slr cam ready*

  3. Q, are you joining? ^^

    Liboi, I don’t be to “hold off” for another week when the Impulse is making me do just that… and yea, do join ^^

    Kairu, got your pics.

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