WTF is This?



Can all of you see what I’m seeing here? It’s nothing major but slight details can be huge eyesores to me. I don’t know anyone who’ve built the MG Impulse said anything about it and I’ve just noticed it while detailing the body.  This obviously looks like a molding malfunction than anything else and luckily it wasn’t something that affects fitment. I checked with my second Impulse and it’s like that as well but it’s different than Bandai’s box model. Again, this is nothing major (unless you have OCD)… but just want to point it out (I’ve circled what I’m talking about in the first picture).

14 thoughts on “WTF is This?

  1. The angle of the cockpit hatch?

    Honestly, in its incomplete state thus far and my lack of knowledge of how SEED mobile suits exactly look, I can guess by staring at it myself. Maybe everyone will go, “Ooooh! It’s that!” should it be circled. *shrug*

  2. hey z,
    if i were u, i’d go crazy! Lol. i was looking at the impluse at, seems lke its the same. XD

    anyway, regarding ur qn about the water slide decal, i use mr mark softer as well (
    thats suppose to soften the decal aft u applied and sets it in better (the pros use mark softer AND mark setter, but i dun see the need to use either one actually=X)
    is the edges of your decals very prominent? coz mine seems alright, can see under light, but definitely not as bad as clear stickers.

    or maybe when u dap the water on the decal with cotton bud, try swiping it outwards, that sorta flattens the decal properly (for me).

    OR maybe this site will help

    anyway, when will u be finishing your impluse?
    i have not submitted a photo for the srw kit! ><

  3. What? I didn’t notice it in my Impulse. Gotta check it…oh damn, it stored in a box in my parent’s home 100km away. If it really bothers you, try filling it with putty or primer. But then you have to paint thoroughly…hard choice.

  4. Oh damn, that is an incredible mistake by bandai.

    Unfortunately, I have a sort of OCD about these things and would not let this pass without some putty and a p-cutter. ^^

  5. Yeah, What? How did they not catch that??

    Like you said Z, its not a huge thing to notice if your just a passer by, but I’m sure any Gundam fan would on inspection. Man….I guess the only way to be able to fix that would be to putty the manufactured slot, then etch your own, but that’s no easy task.

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