MG Gundam Water Slide Decals


First time testing out water transfers on a Gundam model and wondered if it would make any difference in apperance. The biggest thing I hate about the MG Impulse is the set of dry transfer decals that came with it; the decals are among the most boring and uninspiring I’ve ever seen on a MG. I thought the water transfer decals might provide some better/different looking decal designs but unfortunately, the sheet is just water transfer version of the same boring thing… only x2. Ugh. Two negatives doesn’t make a positive in this case.


As you can see… Impulse’s decal set consists of mostly “Z.A.F.T” and random numbers in different sizes in PLAIN TEXT. Wow. The somewhat cooler designs (FAITH symbol and ZAFT logo) are clear stickers. wow. orz.


The water transfers look great at first… until I took a look at an angle where I see its outline which made it look worse than a clear sticker. The best part about water transfers is that it is actually fun to apply them; soak decal in water, slide onto part, and move around in position. It is much easier than dry transfer which you can screw up…and stay screwed. Silly me for not having micro sol… I don’t know what happened but apparently, the decals fell off or something as the decals on the Core Splendor actually disappeared when I got home earlier (and I still can’t find them oddly enough). I was also able to easily rub off the “Shinn Asuka” on the body. Ugh. Maybe some topcoat.

So… what should I do? ditch the water transfer or continue using them?

Also, if anyone have experience with these Gundam decals and know how to apply them properly with just water, please do share your wisdom ^^;


19 thoughts on “MG Gundam Water Slide Decals

  1. I had experience with waterslides, but for aircraft kit, not gundam. I forgot the place, but there are many tutorials about it over the internet. Try FichtenFoo site, I’m not sure though. But one point I remember : the surface need to be glossy. You should apply gloss coat, that’s something people tend to forget.
    There’s always first time for something; stick with waterslides, don’t worry if you fail. Don’t give

  2. I think the tips from reeoyuy is great,,
    i have same opinion with him,
    keep trying! This is yer first time anyway..^^
    its for your experience i think,
    but i would suggest you to buy new sheet,if they re not too expensive of course ^^

  3. I actually combine everything when possible with the models, going from stickers, to decals, to water slide decals.
    For the last ones there isn’t that much science. What I do is just cut them from the sheet, soak them for about 5-10 seconds in water holding them with a pair of grippers, then slide with a cotton swab the decal over the surface where you want it to be. Do it slowly and if it doesn’t budge at the first try, soak the decal again in water. When you slide it while it is humid, you can use the cotton swab to correctly place the decal. Once you are satisfied, press the cotton swab over the decal to absorb the excess of water and let it dry for a while.
    And that’s it. I do know that some people even add other kind of stuff over the surface specifically for this kind of decals but so far, the result I got using only water have been good (like that Hrairoo and its massive Titans decals lol).

  4. I just bought a set myself, two actually. The S Gundam Series Set and the Seed Set (For my Strike MG).

    Waterslides are so much better. They’re (in my opinion) so much easier to work with, don’t leave blatent outlines on the kit where the sticker’s edges would be, and you don’t have to worry about Dry Transfers notoriously finiky parts where some of the decal doesn’t come off.

    Absolutley go with them, or as Beamknight said, use all of them, but definately incorporate the waterslides!

  5. Oops, one other thing: there is a sealant you can use that should reduce the outline of the decal if you’re having trouble with that. I know you don’t paint yours, so that might be worth looking into!

  6. Thanks for the feedback and advice, everyone! Seems like I’m mostly lacking the other stuff to work the magic so guess I’ll just continue with it and see how it goes. Hope a few layer of top coat might do some tricks too ^^; If I screw this one up, I can always start on my other Impulse xD.

  7. Right; if you still have problem, try to seal it right away with top coat, before they fall off. Which means, you need to put the decals at the final phase of your construction.

  8. Water decals need the Mr. Mark Setter to help it to stick better to the surface! Trust me, water decals looks a lot better (& stick A LOT better as well) with the help of the Mark Setter.

    1) Apply Mark Setter on the area that you want to stick the decal.
    2) Transfer the decals as you usually do.

    It acts like a glue between the surface & the decal. =) HAVE FUN!

  9. You might also want to try the MG Destiny set of Water Decals if you think the Impulse set is too boring (I’ll agree with you on that, at 1 glance the whole sheet is just “black & white”). =)
    I think the Destiny Set got the “Z.A.F.T.” in gold… ^_^

  10. Keep trying, it could be just the surface that didn’t let the transfers stick well. I’ve only used them for some aircraft models, so I’m not experienced with them on Gundam models at all. I’m sure Danny Choo has some tips on it too if I recall.

    1. if they follow the standard stickers/dry transfers pattern, just follow the manual (usually Bandai provides some extra for small decals such as warnings)… otherwise just follow your intuition and personal taste (where would this decal look good, etc..)

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