Closing Contest


I’ll be closing submission for the contest this Wednesday and start the final poll, not because I’ll be done with my Impulse (I wish…) but because I think it’s probably long enough for everyone to take a photo (that’s a week). 16 Entries so far and I’ve extended it to “top 5” (two spots have already been taken) so more chances for everyone. I’m not the only one judging so good luck to all of you. ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH!

11 thoughts on “Closing Contest

  1. Say, although only finalists will be up for voting, can you also post other contestants’ works? Since it doesn’t seem that much anyway.

  2. Submitted mine. Hope there’s time for me to retake the pictures in daytime since I don’t think my pictures do justice to the real thing >< (ohh ,what a pun XD)

  3. Hope The winner is me…Im kidding, but pick the one thats surely not taken of the web,I see many people nowadays just copying someone elses pics for these kinds of contests.Good luck to those who joined:3

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