A little Lightheaded…


Here’s what I’ve completed so far on my MG Impulse. Note to self: Never spray top coat in the bathroom even with the vent on… Whew. I stunk up the whole bathroom with the fume of Mr. Top Coat xD. Thank you all for the advices on the water decal. I continued using them and after spraying the top coat, it made it look like regular decals. I like it!

Final poll for the contest goes up tonight at 12 AM PST (I’ve scheduled it) ^^. I’ll present the finalists first then show the rest the next day so I don’t have a humongous post at once.

3 thoughts on “A little Lightheaded…

  1. The Impulse is looking AWESOME Z! I can’t wait to see the final product! Glad the water decals worked well, I’m waiting on my S Gundam set so I can get working on the Chest and other areas that I’ve finished.

  2. Nice work Z. From what I see final result will be looking great. I’m right now starting to work on my MG Inifinte Justice, but due to lack of time I made only head and torso. And don’t know which decals to use on it, those from the box or order waterslide decals that are sold separately, i used them once and the final result was better then those standart one.

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