Final Vote! READY! GOOO!!!

Alright! It’s time to begin voting for the winner of the Kotobukiya R-Gun Powered Giveaway Contest (for lack of a better name). But first off, let me just say this is done all in good fun and nature and the giveaway is a little bonus. If you didn’t get to win this time, there will always be another chance some other day. I will not accept any display of poor sportsmanship (sore loser), whining, accusation of any sort, and whatever rude comments/remarks about anything. Like I said, let’s just have fun and enjoy ^^.

Now i know I have a lot of holes in my contest rules and everything but this is the first time trying this out so I can always fix stuff up later. I’ll be a little lenient this time and just accept whatever was in my inbox and choose from there. I think I have about 21 entries and that was more than enough to give trouble in deciding who gets to go to finals. Some entries were great, and some better than others. It was very hard but it has to be done.

Now… without further adieu, I present the final contestants…

1. Wing Zero Custom


2. 3 PG Gundams


3. SD Musha Gundam


4. Exia x Haruhi


5. Meditating Gundam


6. Infinite Justice


And this is my entry…



While this poll is going on here, I’ll be monitoring another somewhere else ^^. Feel free to ask your parents, friends, comrades, ancestors, neighbors, girl next door to vote also but at least let them be honest about what they think is the best. Voting will go on for a day plus some change. Good luck to all of you!