The Contestants

The poll is still running but thought I’d show the other participants right now ^^. I chose the best of the two from each entry and great photos aplenty. I was quite fond of a few of them but ahhh… tough to decide. Anyways, here they are…


Don’t think I’m missing anyone ^^;. I’ll leave it up to the photo’s owner to decide if they want to claim their entry. Lots of great photos. I really enjoyed this. Thank you all for joining!

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “The Contestants

  1. Thats mine! ^^ lol
    the other’s are still better than mine
    francis &gn dynames,are you participating?Did you make to top 6?
    Anyway z, it IS fun,thank yu for the competition!

  2. Francis, very hard… I was considering the F91 and Dynames originally before the last minute entries arrived ^^;

    GNdynames, yea.. that one was pretty awesome too.

    Eyeshield, join the next one :D

    Chun, yea… it’s definitely a close race xD. can’t tell who’s winning. nope. EDIT: OHHH guess you were referring to the other result? ^^; *is slow*

    Gordon, guess I can post the rest of the photos as well for the top 6 (when I get home)

  3. @Eyeshield30: No man, I’ve got 3 MGs only (I would have entered my USB Gouf Custom if I had the time to apply pastels) and I’m living in University Campus (in another city might I add). Matters not though, since I wouldn’t have the time to build the kit anyway, would have been a waste if it did go to me.

  4. A lot of good photos there! I can see you having a hard time to narrow down back then :P

    lol figma Itsuki simply stands out from all other pictures.

  5. @GNdynames: Hey, thanks ^^(I sent that one). I actually had a hard time trying to keep S. Freedom that way. You can see that the Dragoons are actually touching the ground so he would keep in a way that says “Oh sh*t! I can’t escape!”

  6. Eh? So, the Domo x Strike Freedom is Paulo’s? I thought Eyeshield30 is referring to that when he mentioned ‘that’s mine’.

  7. As Eyeshield30 said, yes, the Domo one is mine ^^ I still have lots more to work on (heh, citing Echizen makes me feel dumb XD) as you can see that it does not have even its panel lines -_- I’m waiting for my gundam markers to arrive from HLJ.

  8. Paulo, if you want a nice set of Gundam markers, I recommend the real touch set 1. It’s a soft-brush type with sumi-type ink that can do both panel lines and cover up nub marks.

  9. I’ll take note of that! For now I’m just starting to do things beyond clipping and putting it all together^^ Not to mention I’ve bought some models this month and I already got yelled at by the mrs! Imagine if it’d been some MG models XD

    I’m still looking into topcoat too, not sure if I’d go easily for it or not :\

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