Face of Arrogance

EDIT: I am done and starting on the photoshoot right now ^^


Very arrogant looking indeed ^^; Just a quick update on my progress with the MG Impulse. I’m done with the actual Gundam and just have the Force Silhouette and Excalibur to go… plus slapping on the decals and drowning it in top coat.


and shot of completed Impulse:


I apologize for not replying to some of the comments recently. I only have oh so much time to check this blog at home and make an update. I’m just crushed by many errands lately and this holiday week have been taxing on my body; the only thing I can think of doing is sleep.

13 thoughts on “Face of Arrogance

  1. Aptkane, thanks ^^

    Iano, cool… thanks for the add. And that black Impulse of yours looks amazing!

    Busterbeam, I think yours look a lot better than the original color scheme anyway. no lost ^^;

    Paliodor, definitely is!

    Madmoz, I put Shinn in because he did much more in Impulse than Luna could ever do in stock footages xD

    Hono-san, that’s pretty intimidating then haha.

    Eyeshield, it’s the model… not me ^^;

  2. Oh yeah z,
    now that you finally have impulse,freedom, and nu,
    could you make shots like the photo at impulse box?
    Y know, impulse striking freedom.
    But this time add nu-chan~ separating them,like in srw z story,though it didn’t happen, hehe^^

  3. Nice, what do you use to get those dark lines and where to get it at? Oh and how do you know where to put the stickers or do you just put them anywhere you want?

  4. The panel lines are done with the gundam panel line markers (GM01 and GM02). I put them anywhere I want but Bandai includes a “map” for all of them.

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