Strikingly Impulsive


Wow. Finally… it’s about time I’ve built and completed my review for the MG Force Impulse Gundam. Do check it out. This is one big review ^^; (140 images… 56k users, you’ve been warned). Hope you all enjoy the photos, it could be quite entertaining xD. Now I know what I really want to do with my second MG Impulse…

While I’m working on the GN Arms, I’ve also mustered enough courage to start on the review of a certain mecha… it’s quite GAR…

13 thoughts on “Strikingly Impulsive

  1. acewhatever, dunno ^^;

    Gordon, if you shove the hand into its socket a little more, it should be able to hold the sword long enough to take a few shots before gravity does its thing ^^;

  2. Then you have no reason to not make the Sword Impulse my friend, well…accept that the sword pack looks different…..

    *sigh*..let’s go, Bandai…release the Impulse in the various weapon outputs like you did with the Strike!

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