3 thoughts on “Yuusha Oh TANJOU!

  1. Totally hot-blooded!

    GaoGaiGar Final is still the most hot-blooded anime I’ve ever watched. I can still remember the entire sequence of the Final Fusion and the music very clearly, years after watching it. And the ending makes me cry over and over again ^^;

    This is the non-transformable version right? Max Factory has a few redesigned and re-released versions of Genesic GGG, I can’t really recall.

    A super display item. Can definitely outshine everyone else if put in the same display cabinet. Hope to see more photos of him ^^

  2. I have the full gallery review embedded on its name and under “Super Robot Wars” if you want to check it out ^^. and Yea, this is the non transformable version. I love the last fight in the OVA; it was one of the best beatdown an enemy could ever not wish to receive xD. GGGFinal’s ending made me shed a few tears as well. So courageous… ^^;

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