GFF Metal Composite Z Plus


Got this news bit via Ngee Kiong via GA Graphics. I must say… this 1/100 GFF Z Plus is looking mighty sweet compared to its 1/144 counterpart. I can’t wait to see both the red and blue in full color.


This thing will be surely *almost* as big as the MG Ex-S so its bound to be a huge space hogger.


Something doesn’t seem consistent in the above picture… like is the 1/100 RX-78-2 Ver. Ka really that small or is the guy’s hand that big? Oh well, either way… You can expect me to be reviewing both the red and blue version when it comes out in Feb ’09 ^^.

8 thoughts on “GFF Metal Composite Z Plus

  1. Wow
    its a bird,,
    its a plane,,
    its a …. Umh well …
    Why this z plus big?
    Is it hummingbird?
    Ive never seen this..^^;

  2. It is a GFF… but that thing is also 1/100 scale. It is the metal composite one.

    Looks like I can scratch off the last sentence in this post…

  3. oh. sry. the possibility of that actually crossed my mind right after i clicked the submit comment button. it looks a bit confusing now…

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