Hachune Face


Ho ho ho two more goodies came in the mail today. First is my Miku Hatsune Hachune Face Ver. that was a WonFes ’08 limited release then my Canon EF-S Macro lens came in later during the day. Perfect for the holiday!


Would’ve like to take her out and play around for a bit but I’m a bit busy with the GN Arms right now ^^;


This is THE lens I’ve been waiting for! I can’t believe how amazing the lens are! it makes a world of difference between it and the kit lens. Even though I still take “better” photos with my old camera, I can just drool at the thought of how much better my photos can become when I actually know how to use this lens effectively… ^^;.  Simply perfect for my reviews.

I’ve decided on this lens after reading up on Marvin’s arsenal of Canon lenses. As a photo noob, I learned a lot from that page ^^


… and just like that, I’ve entered into another wallet-torching hobby yet again. orz

P.S New wordpress interface is lookin’ pretty good.

8 thoughts on “Hachune Face

  1. Clear Tranquil, conventions are crazy for overcharging like that >_<

    Eyeshield, I actually don’t spend as much as one might think ^^;

    Gordon, nope… just a… yea, pretty much a bomb. Well worth it ^^;

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