MG Sinanju Boxart


Jacked from Ngee Khiong. I would be lying if I say “damn, that’s a good lookin boxart!” because really… it’s just the same GFF-style Ver. Ka boxart that’s been used for every MG Ver. Ka up to now. It’s not bad but it gets the point acrossed. I actually like it since it has a sense of sophistication added to it. I’ll be starting on this MG the day it arrives at my doorstep (hopefully at the end of the month/year)^^;.

Now for the question, can anyone recommend me a gold paint (not the Gundam marker) that compliments Sinanju’s red nicely? I’ll shred up the gold foil stickers the minute I can get my hands on it.

7 thoughts on “MG Sinanju Boxart

  1. This MG is like a ver. Ka of Sazabi XD

    For the gold, use Tamiya “Gold Leaf.” Believe me, you’ll ended up liking it ;D

    they turn kinda dirty yellow/brown after awhile. very ugly.
    and u dun have to shred the stickers, can send to me. XD

  3. Sinanju have awesome design and it’s great that Bandai is going to release it in MG. I would buy it but have to wait for next year since I can’t spend so much money right now …

  4. Gunstray, kinda counterproductive to make it bling bling if I’m gonna drown it in flat coat ^^;

    Rady8892, I have that gold actually and it looks more like “light tan” than gold.

    Ed, I know…that’s why I mentioned no Gundam markers ^^;. what would you do with the stickers?

    Paliodor, Yea… it’ll always be around for you to pick it up ^^

    Eyeshield, ver. ka models demand a premium xD

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