Photo Hunt! GOOO!!!


There’s a winner! I’ll let you all know who won and the answers when I get home! ^^;

It is now 10 PM PST. Commence the photo hunt! Here are some updates and not-so-useful hints:

– The winner can now choose between the SD ZZ Gundam or the Nendoroid Puchi Yuki and Kyon. They’re the two I have extra so they’re still new ^^;.

– Yes, there are a total of FIVE misplaced images throughout my reviews. One misplaced image in each selected review.

– Changed my mind and will actually give up to 1 week to find all the images (shouldn’t be too bad).

– Again, specify what image is misplaced and in what review. No need to provide links (I’ll know what you’re talking about if you find it).

– All misplaced photos are of Gundams, or parts of Gundams.

– You don’t have to look in the SRW page nor the SD page. This should save you some time.

– Again, send answers to zyuan3618[at]hotmail[dot]com.

– Have fun! ^^

– *laughs maniacally at his choices of images*