Photo Hunt Winner


The hunt is finally over! See… that wasn’t so bad ^^. Within 24 hours, two people managed to find all five images that I’ve misplaced. This kinda made me think it actually wasn’t hard enough muahaha. Going from the poll, there were at least 14 participants so that’s some competition there ^^;. Anyways, the first winner is ShinKaiser who submitted the answers just minutes after I stepped out the door today while Aznrayd is the first runner up the next hour.  Congratulations to the both of you! The rest who submitted only got 0-4 correct.

As stated, ShinKaiser gets the MG Shining Gundam (above) and Aznrayd, I’ll let you choose between the SD ZZ Gundam or the Puchi Nendoroids (unless ShinKaiser wants either instead of the MG^^;). I’ll contact you guys in a short bit. Let’s get the answers out! (I’m sure all of you have been waiting xD).

Please refrain from banging your head on the keyboard if you’ve been very frustrated by this contest ^^;

1. An image of the GFF Ex-S Gundam Taskforce Alpha in the GFF Ex-S Gundam Review.


Noticed the red feet and background? ^^;

2. Image of the MG Strike Rouge in the Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam review xD.


It’s so well placed that even I could’ve been fooled if I’ve forgotten xDDDDD

3. 1/144 Exia’s GN Sword in 1/100 Avalanche Exia’s review. (Thank AceWhatever for this idea ^^)


I think this one was the easiest given the inconsistent background and if you can pick out the details on it.

4. HCM-Pro Destiny Gundam in the 1/100 Destiny Gundam review.


This was actually my favorite one and thought no one would get ^^; It just blends in so well!

5. GFF Perfect Gundam in MG RX-78-2 OYW Review.


I’m surprised this is actually the one who gave the most problem ^^;

Like I said before, I was being as obnoxious as I can xD. I did tried to make sure at least the images can be seen by someone besides myself after doing some work though. Again, this was all done in good fun and hope all of you enjoyed it and no one got overfrustrated *laughs maniacally*.  Thank you all for playing and have a great holiday! :D

P.S Do share what you thought of this contest and whatever comments you have. All are welcomed so I can tweak future giveaways ^^.

13 thoughts on “Photo Hunt Winner

  1. Lolz, no wonder I wasn’t finding anything. Those are pretty damn hard to find. Not to mention that you really got to look at the pictures. Orz, damn you Z you are evil. Hahaha

    Congrats to the winners. And hopefully there’s more contest in the future.

    Happy Holidays everyone. ^_^

  2. lol, somehow I knew it was there was something to do with the exs feet with one of them, I’m amazed I missed it though. Oh well, next time I guess. Though I wonder if the next time you do something like this if it’ll be just as hard seeing as you did well go for the hardest possible.

  3. I found the strike and destiny ones. Honestly I’m surprised I missed the others cause I looked through every review yesterday -_-

  4. Francis, more photo hunt like this, yes yes? :D

    AceWhatever, no no… it’s great to share such ideas ^^

    Eyeshield, didn’t think this contest would be that easy…

    Dango Ou,I had an idea of building a Aile Strike then misplacing the plain Strike from Aile into the Launcher/Sword Review. muahahaha… but that’s too evil.

    Paulo, agreed!

    Neosonic, it was only fair xD. If I did something like Nu Gundam in a Sazabi review, those who joined later might not have a chance ^^;

    Necro, but you at least managed to find what I thought to be one of the hardest one ^^;

    Aznrayd,decided on what you want yet? ^^

  5. I missed the Strike one….man I was comparing MG Strike Rouge with MG Strike Noir and I was suspicious of that pic too. >_<;

  6. Z: I own a HCM-Pro Destiny so I’m familiar with its proportions. That and when I clicked on the misplaced image it gave me a totally different one ^^

  7. I think you should do another contest like your first one, should you make another. I can dig out a photo or two (or take one) for the occasion, though I wouldn’t do it for the prize (I’d give any to who’s behind me).

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