GN Arms Almost Complete…

I was really looking forward to actually finishing this model today and start on Exia but unfortunately, got stuck doing other things and was gone for the entire day ^^;. Here’s what I got so far…


Even though I’m nearly done with this thing, I still don’t understand one bit about its design. I mean… what is this Gerwalk thing supposed to be?

Anyway, I ordered a wireless router and a canon bag from newegg the other day and they finally arrived :D


Those with the Canon XSi or XS will find this nifty bag VERY useful as it can fit up to two cameras, four lenses, and comes with a spare battery and UV protector. I bought it mainly for the spare battery (which alone already cost $30-50). I guess the UV protector can come handy every now and then too. One thing I don’t like is that huge “REBEL” logo on it; I’d prefer it plain or simply have “CANON” on it ^^;. (And why does a bag need to be packaged inside a big cardboard box? -_-;)


The bag is nicely padded and I would feel safe dropping it with my XSi inside (not that I would >_>).  The rearrangeable compartments and other mini storages can probably even let me pack my lunch inside ^^;. Well, at least now I feel safe toting my XSi around outside so I can take some outdoor shots.