GN Arms Almost Complete…

I was really looking forward to actually finishing this model today and start on Exia but unfortunately, got stuck doing other things and was gone for the entire day ^^;. Here’s what I got so far…


Even though I’m nearly done with this thing, I still don’t understand one bit about its design. I mean… what is this Gerwalk thing supposed to be?

Anyway, I ordered a wireless router and a canon bag from newegg the other day and they finally arrived :D


Those with the Canon XSi or XS will find this nifty bag VERY useful as it can fit up to two cameras, four lenses, and comes with a spare battery and UV protector. I bought it mainly for the spare battery (which alone already cost $30-50). I guess the UV protector can come handy every now and then too. One thing I don’t like is that huge “REBEL” logo on it; I’d prefer it plain or simply have “CANON” on it ^^;. (And why does a bag need to be packaged inside a big cardboard box? -_-;)


The bag is nicely padded and I would feel safe dropping it with my XSi inside (not that I would >_>).  The rearrangeable compartments and other mini storages can probably even let me pack my lunch inside ^^;. Well, at least now I feel safe toting my XSi around outside so I can take some outdoor shots.


7 thoughts on “GN Arms Almost Complete…

  1. Ok, this has almost nothing to do with your post but I really need to vent out somewhere =\

    My fiancée and one of my friends decided to give me model kits for my birthday ^^ and they asked for one of our mutual friends in Japan to send a 1/100 00 Gundam (this sh*t got leds! xD) and one Strike Noir MG (which I only yesterday). The package arrived in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro where my friends lives) ok. She wrapped in present paper and sent it to me (I live in Curitiba, more to the south)… but the package never arrived (was sent last friday should’ve arrived by tuesday).

    Yesterday she got an answer from the post office. The post office was robbed! FFS! Damn… really, damn man =\ I was really looking forward to it. Especially now that I got the hang to use all my stuff (I’m assembling a GP02A 1/144 HG) =\

    Sorry on the rant, but I really needed to vent it out. Stupid Rio and his higher criminal rates T_T And now I’m imagining a f*cking junkie with my kits wondering what he could do with them except throw in the garbage!!!

  2. Paulo, don’t worry… it’s cool to rant here, I’ll listen ^^;. Damn man…no, more like WTF?! sorry to hear about your situation. That sucks multiple asses. o_o wtf is wrong with those people? I’ve heard of maniacs blowing up post offices but… robbing? the hell? Hope those bastards get caught and you get your presents back along with everyone else’s stuff. Happy belated Birthday, Paulo ^^;

  3. WTF?!
    Thats horrible man!
    I know the feeling when waiting for important package,esp gunpla that i just ordered..
    But to know that its actually being robbered…Well, dont know what to say..

    I cant give you solution but,cheer up paul! ^^
    and happy b’day!

  4. thanks ^^;

    Well, I feel sorry for the girls too but that’s that. And Z, I don’t think they will be able to retrieve any of the stuff =\ for shame that it is to say, our police is not very skilled, not to mention very corrupt (especially in Rio).

    But that’s that, I’m glad that I found your tips here … GP02A is coming out pretty good, compared to my first model which I used SCISSORS to cut xD now I have all the tools I’m used to and I gotta say it’s turning out pretty nice. as soons as I finish I’ll put up some picture in flickr ^^;

    btw, Strike Noir would be my first MG, now I’ll just set my eyes on my most-wanted: Hi-Nu ^^

  5. I actually just got my MG Hi-Nu Gundam (the box is very long and huge!) the other day along with MG Infinite Justice and I’m still waiting for my GM01 gundam panel line marker to arrive before I start building… But which should I build first? haha

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