Trans-Am Exia…


You’ve witnessed too much…


18 thoughts on “Trans-Am Exia…

  1. Z, what part are they?
    The long pink thing..Is it beam saber?
    Cant wait to see it finished^^

    when will the mg be released? I hope bandai stops uc release for a while, exept for v2 gundam, i always welcome that baby >_<

  2. For Eyesshield30; Left above are the shoulders, the pic right of it, is Exia’s head, with some parts left out of it, and left below is the GN sword, I believe the longer one. I’m wondering how the end result wil be, probably rly nice ^^.
    Btw, Z, are you going to get the gundam 00 with 0-raiser? :o There seems to be a small led-light in the GN-drives of the gundam 00 kit :o

  3. To be exact, Mick, that is the GN Long Blade, not the exclusive GN Sword.
    Nice metallic red painting there, Z! I was going to suggest waiting for the release of the HG Exia Trans-Am mode, but self-painting seems much better anyway.

  4. Oh i see,,
    i see this on my cellphone, not so clear,haha

    will 00-7s come with led gimmick too?
    Cause i will skip the 00+raiser,
    maybe will buy o raiser separately. >_<

  5. Eyshield, looks like Mick answered all the questions for you ^^. I am also hoping for a MG V2 (especially V2AB) but maybe in like 1/80 scale or something otherwise it would be as tall as a 1/144. If Bandai ever release 00-7, I’m sure it’ll just be the regular 00 with added on stuff a la Avalanche.

    Mick, no 00 Raiser for me. I’m not even fond of that Gundam.

    Gunstray, I’ll happily take a 00-7 though ^^

    Beamknight, you can kinda count my MG unicorn as my first painted model ^^;

    Chris,yea… why support Bandai’s recoloring ways when you can easily create your own with a bottle of spray paint? xD

  6. Hahahah, yeah, thanks mick ^^

    oh yeah? Is v2 gundam that small? But it doesn’t matter for me, hehe,
    an info: i remember saw v2 gunpla with big box labeled hg-ex 1/60 scale (it has led gimmick too!) years confirming, i checked at hlj and found that it is actually v2 gundam!
    But i searching the net, no one has it sadly.. Maybe you have it z? Or anyone here? I want to see its review if possible >_<

  7. The V2 isn’t that small. It would be about the same size as the F91 and Crossbone Gundam units, which already have MG 1/100 kits. V2 is actually taller than F91 in real life scale.

  8. Eyeshield, yea… I’ve seen that model and thought about buying it (I saw it for 25 bucks!) but pass on it after realizing when it was released.

    Derringer, They aren’t that small but small enough to look almost like 1/144s ^^;

    Busterbeam, just me messing with some spray paint :D

  9. from what i can see so far looks awesome there’s a trans am model out but its pink not red kinda lame but you idea looks awesome

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