Yay! Done with GN Arms!

Just a few quick shots for now. Full review for just the GN Arms will be coming soon (tomorrow) since I can just use my 1/144 Astraea (original Exia) as a substitute.


Haruhi got first dips cruising on the Gerwalk thing. ^^;


Heard it’ll be snowing for a few days so I won’t be able to actually paint my other Exia so Astraea will have to do for now and I guess I can re-review the 1/144 Exia separately. Oi… sorry for the gloomy lighting, I actually forgot to change the settings ^^;. Still getting used to shooting with my XSi and using the viewfinder instead of the screen… orz.

I know I’ve been slower than usual in updates and replying to comments but I’ve been putting some effort to get back to all of you as much and as soon as I can ^^;. I only ever have enough time to check this blog once to twice a day o_o. I’m always gone the whole entire day and only get to hop on my comp at home around midnight (hence why my updates are usually around this time xD). A few people emailed me also with some questions that I haven’t been able to reply yet and I apologize for that . I’ll make sure to do that in a bit. Thank you for your patience ^^