GN Arms + Gundam Astraea Review


Here it is, the completed HG 1/144 GN Arms Review with guest star Gundam Astraea! The review is actually smaller than usual this time because there’s not much to cover ^^. This is also the first photo review taken with my Canon XSi so the photos might look a bit “different” than what you’re probably used to seeing ^^;. Even though it stopped snowing now (about 4″), I still can’t work on Trans-Am Exia yet as it is just below 32 degrees F right now xD.

White Out

Looks like I’ll be having an early white Christmas this year…


Woke up in the morning, expecting to see another plain day and I was greeted with a blanket of whiteness ^^.


Looks like I’ll be stuck home today but I won’t be able to continue with painting my Trans-Am Exia orz. To some of you, snowing might be no biggie because you probably see snow every year. In where I live, we just get pouring rain in the winter most of the time xD. It probably snows here every other year… and it is usually half-assed like snowing for a day followed by rain for a week. I’ll be enjoying the snow for as long as I can.

How is snow in your neck of the woods?