White Out

Looks like I’ll be having an early white Christmas this year…


Woke up in the morning, expecting to see another plain day and I was greeted with a blanket of whiteness ^^.


Looks like I’ll be stuck home today but I won’t be able to continue with painting my Trans-Am Exia orz. To some of you, snowing might be no biggie because you probably see snow every year. In where I live, we just get pouring rain in the winter most of the time xD. It probably snows here every other year… and it is usually half-assed like snowing for a day followed by rain for a week. I’ll be enjoying the snow for as long as I can.

How is snow in your neck of the woods?


19 thoughts on “White Out

  1. I live in Montreal. Last year we had 386cm of snow (that would be over 12 ft for you metrically impaired). So fare, we have had about 12 inches this year.

  2. No snow here. Our closest thing to snow is hail. And that happened only once in the many years that I have lived here.

  3. Nope, no snow here sadly(or hopefully?)
    because i live exactly at equator,,its just rainy season now,
    same with flawless blade, the closest thing is icicle rain, it happens sometimes during heavy rain, its destroying plant and worst,our roof >_<

  4. AceWhatever, I’ve always been curious how it feels to live in the equator ^^

    Ninjascience and Rady, Yea I’m in the NW. I really don’t like the weather here.

    Darth Mingus, woah… that’s insane o_o. snowing is nice but too much can become quite problematic for everyone.

    Flawless, we get hail a lot too. It hurts somtimes xD.

    Eyeshield, I hate it when it hails here. It’s very noisy and I’m always afraid it’ll scratch my car ^^; But your hail is strong enough to actually damage your roof? o_o

  5. hoho
    sometimes it happened, though it’s not my roof
    i see it on news ^^

    i’d always love to visit snowing country sometimes too

  6. no snow here in the bay area. we don’t get anything really. some rain, hail is rare, windy…does that count? but not as windy as Chicago. haha

  7. Dredhawk, hail sucks but at least it doesn’t make a mess like snow

    Ed, Any country in particular? :D

    Eyeshield, ah… that’s scary news.

    Francis, heard from a friend that it’s still sunny and warm down there as well ^^

  8. Lucky, lucky man. I’m an American in South America. I used to live in Michigan (buttloads of snow), but there’s no snow here. It’s like 80-90 degrees at Christmas. So no White Christmas for me…

    Eyeshield, as for the hail, we just had a horrible hail storm here a couple weeks ago, and it ruined most of the roofs around here. Including my girlfriend’s roof, and a small laundry area roof we have.

  9. Whoa mitch,,
    that happened at your place too?Where do you live? Around equator i think?
    I feel sorry for your girl,,hope nobody got hurt.

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