Bunny Hopping


Here’s my favorite “holiday” game that I’d like to share with you all. Peaceful (listen to the music) and cute, but it could get addicting ^^;. Try to beat my top score if you have the time :D. Here’s the link. Have fuN!


8 thoughts on “Bunny Hopping

  1. haha man oh man. i remember when i was stuck on this game. its really addicting. forgot how much my high score was. but man look at that previous high score, insane.

  2. Apparently there was a rumour going on that good CS players own at this game. It was quite the fad last year.

    It’s actually easier on a crappy PC because the lag helps. The main thing is that the pidgeon/dove/bird doubles your point, which is how some people get rediculously high scores.

  3. Kairu, the score is merely a result of too much free time xD

    Aoki, glad you liked it ^^

    Francis, yea… this game has been around for awhile. I play it every year around this time xD

    GNdynames, that rumor has been proven false for one case already xD.

    Loba, that’s a long fall ^^;

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