HGUC Sazabi in the Works…


Started on this guy as a little “warm up” to the MG Sinanju due out next week (though I’ll probably get it after new years). So far I’m more pleased over every aspect of this kit than its old MG counterpart, especially the higher plastic quality (the plastic in the MG is similar to that of Kotobukiya’s).


Not sure if I like the gold I used on the thrusters. It will be the same gold I’m going to be using on the MG Sinanju. It might look better after multiple layers but damn… that is time consuming o_o. I don’t want to spend as much time with Sinanju as I did with my MG Unicorn >_>. Was also gonna finish this by today but a friend called me out ^^;.

On a totally unrelated subject, take a look at this for the lulz. I didn’t make it though ^^;


14 thoughts on “HGUC Sazabi in the Works…

  1. I found that the HGUC line is a very nice line ^^; I loved my GP02A even if the scale is only 1/144 ^^

    Good luck with that! And I hope your Sazabi MG looks as good as your unicorn ^^ Though I don’t think you can call it a “home look” anymore xD each time you’re making they more professional-like ^^;

  2. oh and i agree with Paulo. Z you’re improving quite a lot day by day. its almost as if the “home look” aspect of your modeling is gone. haha not that its a bad thing

  3. Yes i agree with you all, z, its not “home look”anymore,
    it’s “real look”! ^^
    good luck with sazabi!
    I have zz hguc,and i love it better than seed hg and even the mg, it proportion is better i think, ^^
    Uh, i wonder if i can grab sinanju that early too,

  4. Thank you all for the kind compliments on the “home look” part ^^;. I am humbled. I’ve planned a post near the end of the month/year about this part of the blog and I’ll share it with you all then.

    Paulo, Guess I might have to change the blog’s title ^^;

    Francis, Oh I think you would love this kit… I’m still have nothing to complain about it yet :D

    Eyeshield, Do show your HGUC ZZ later. “real look”… I like that title…

    Aptkane, Was gonna abandon the gold for the rest of the thrusters but it’s beginning to grow on me a bit..

    Lilboi, surprised or something?

  5. Haha, if you don’t want to spend as much time on the future MG Sinanju, you can just use the stickers but knowing you, you don’t like using them. Seems that a lot of slim gold parts on Sinanju have stickers, and if that’s translate into paint, then….

  6. Chris, well… now that I’ve seen previews of them I’m curious to give them a try first and compare it with paint to see which way I wanna go. at the moment, I’m not too satisfied with the gold paint I have ^^;

    Necro, will see how both of them works before I decide.

    Busterbeam, Lucky you! I assume you’ll be starting it ASAP as well? :D

  7. @ Z:
    No matter what you try, save the stickers with the black background for last, then if you mess up, you can just cover the whole part up ^^

  8. Haha, I hear ya on that one! I’m planning to try the clear background sticker first as I’m not sure about “coloring in” the black background on the sticker so that the emblem can be raised

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