Completed Today, Review Tomorrow

Thanks to the snow storm, I was able to stay home and finished the HGUC Sazabi :D. I’ll have the full review up by tomorrow (night) and here’s a couple of test shots:


I wasn’t able to spray any top coat on it thanks to 19 degrees weather so I apologize for the shiny plastic. I’ve been playing around with my lighting setup to accomodate the WB on my SLR to take proper photos but I’m still not liking how it turns out so I guess I’ll just wait for real daylight ^^;.


Macro superiority


14 thoughts on “Completed Today, Review Tomorrow

  1. Gunstray, I can it’s definitely nicer than the MG ^^

    Francis, this model actually have little to no panel lines so ironically, I was just filling in everything I could without looking “excessive” xD

  2. looks very nice assembled! I was considering the Sazabi for a future buy but I’m still not too sure about “non-gundam-visual” kits from Gundam yet^^ though I’d go for the Zaku-II Black Trinity v2.0 – I’d marry it, lolz

  3. Magnificent!

    And let me just add Z, that I agree…too much panel lining tends to look excessive. The old, OLD HG 1/100 kits suffed from an excess of panels lines.

    The Top Coat almost seems unnecessary, but I know you and I both like that mate, flat look of the armor, so I can’t wait to see it after the top coat too!

  4. OH MY GOD that HTML snow totally freaked me out, man!!! I thought either my eyes were going crazy or my laptop was broken.

    Z, what exact type of topcoat are you using? I tried using the Mr. Hobby “Mr. Super Clear – Flat” on my HGUC kampfer, and it reacted very weird, there’s a thin white foam over the model now. I am not sure if this is due to the brand or other conditions like cold weather / spraying too much on. I’ve heard that “water-based” topcoats react better to raw plastic.

    Anyway, yours seems to work fine, so let me in on your secrets!

  5. Eyeshield, will do in due time ^^

    Paulo, non-gundam kits are a lot more refreshing to build. I think you’ll like it.

    Aptkane, I’m only down to one and a half can so I’ll be saving it for Sinanju now xD

    Gordon, good idea!

    Beamknight, just got done with it… be uploading in a min

    Derek, I think you’re not using the right one. The Super Clear is a gray can am I correct? You want to get the blue one with yellow text.

  6. aptkane – agreed, the older 100 HG does have insane amount of panel lines. it makes the model look bad in my opinion if one panel lines all of the grooves.

    Z – so was i right? you topcoat all your models now? or most of it at least. haha. man i still need to find that magic in a can.

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