Gundam in the Snow

WARNING: VERY LONG POST. As per some requested, I went out and give photoshooting in the snow a try. This also makes it my first time taking outdoor shots… and it was very hard ^^;. I chose my Ver. Ka’s for this photoshoot since I’ve put the most effort into them out of all my models. Click images for hi-res!


First up is my MG Unicorn Gundam. It actually does look kinda blue outside and that adds a nice effect to the photo.


If Unicorn ever fights in the snow for any reason, I think the snow would provide VERY good camo for it ^^;


I so want to use this as my header image…


One thing I didn’t like was how I can’t get on the ground to take the proper angle I wanted.


Next up is the MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka


mmm.. too bright…


mm… a bit dark… doing this photoshoot goes to show what I don’t know about photography ^^;


f/2.8 (I think)


Inspired by a winning shot. Damn tree and ledge ruined it though. Maybe I should’ve used a longer display base…


Flying in the snow…


Another favorite shot. I wish I can use this as header image too.

I was gonna start on Sazabi but I was short on time and need to go to work ^^;. Hope you all like the photos. Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “Gundam in the Snow

  1. Hello, I was actually looking for the picture where you have of your room, and your display cabinets where you put all your models to show to my wife (yes, wife, I am an old guy now :P)

    However stumbled upon this instead. I have tried to do photography in snow as well. but I have found that it is very difficult to get the white balance right especially when the sun decides to shine one moment and not the next making my custom white balance settings to be obsolete like within 2 minutes.

    Nice pictures you have got there. I you want, you can have a look at the snow pics i took this year. Although it is of gundams, it is not of a serious theme :)

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