New Contest, Need Ideas


I would like to ask all of you for ideas on what the next contest should be ^^. I’ll announce another contest in about two weeks. If you don’t want another photohunt (*laughs maniacally*) then might I suggest you brainstorm some ideas :D. Really, just anything that comes to your mind that is Gundam/mecha/figure related. I’ll take all ideas into consideration and try to blend them in. I’ll also reserve a prize when the time comes.

As for the HGUC Sazabi review… I was called in to work so didn’t have time to quite finish up. Sorry… these things tend to happen a lot^^;

16 thoughts on “New Contest, Need Ideas

  1. Parody. Use gundam/figure to make a scene that’s hints at other popular scenes. For example, to recreate the scene with Impulse piercing Freedom in the guts, use figma Asakura stabbing Kyon with Excalibur. Or 5 Gundams doing Hare Hare Yukai (oh wait, that’s been done too many times). In other words, my idea is still taking photos. Wonder if my idea is too hard to execute?

  2. As long as we don’t have to hunt anything is fine xD

    I’d say something on the lines of Gundam/mecha posing but more on the fun side of it than cool^^; I won’t use Domo-kun again though xD

  3. Maybe doing something like 4-koma, or 4 panel comics…erm…that’ll take a lot of space…Too bad I don’t have enough models to use. I probably need to start working on half a dozen Gundams that I’ve stack up so far. Here’s another bunch of ideas I’ve come up:

    -stop-motion video O.o
    -photoshopped pictures
    -Gundam song Karaoke Contest!!!
    -Edit that Photo! (you provide a picture, and we try to edit it as creative as possible)

  4. I wouldn’t mind another photo hunt actually, but my suggestion would be another photo contest with new rules. The category would be two mecha locked in combat. If Z’s offering multiple prizes, he could have several categories in the contest. So one bracket for serious photos and one for parodies like Chris suggested, one for anime scene recreation and so on.

  5. Stop right there,maniac! Hehe,just kidding ^^
    I’d prefer not “who’s the fastest” type cause the connection here kinda lame,so if like photo hunt yesterday, i will always lose ^^;
    but,it’s up to you,anything’s fine with me

  6. I’m not sure if I would be participating, but it would be nice to have another photo-based contest like the first one, but different. Photoshop the photos in some way, or an action scene of some kind (action doesn’t necessarily mean battle though). I don’t think something involving kitbashed or customized models/figures are a bad idea either. So I favor the more photo-based proposals. Except breakdancing/comedy ones (honestly I find it hard to find a good take of something like either of those).

  7. yeah my break dancing idea was pretty lame but ive got a good one i think
    build custom design gundams out of multiple model kits it would be cool of course it would be kinda hard and expensive

  8. hmmmmm… how about a theme where gunpla is incooperated into everyday life? ie posing a gundam in the kitchen handing you a potato to be skinned before cooking?

    or a group of 1/144 gundams handing you a hammer to hit a nail?? or them attempting to pull out a wall plug from the wall?? (imagining them anchoring onto the wall stud and using their thrusters to propel themselves and attempting to pull the wall plug :D)

    or something along the lines like that??? this would involve photography and creativity.

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