Crest of Z


Not my crest but I’ve finally started on Super Robot Wars Z ^^. Finally get to play this now that I’m locked inside my house thanks to 6″ of snow (pure white outside). out This is my first time feeling alienated in a SRW since my very first time playing SRW- I don’t know most of the series featured here. There are the stables like the Mazingers, Getter Robo G, Nu Gundam and Zeta… but after that, I can’t really relate too much. Not really fond of Turn A and I never finished Gundam X. The rest of the shows I’ve never even seen orz. I wasn’t as excited for this SRW as I was for SRW Alpha 3.Nonetheless, I’m still enjoying this.


The advanced animation is pretty sweet but the HP/EN bars and dialogue layout is the plainest I’ve ever seen ^^;. Only on scenario 5 on Rand’s route.  What’s with mecha anime glorifying boring construction tools as weapons of mass destructions? We have Hammer, drills, wrecking balls, chainsaws, and now wrenches. HELL YEA! Rand’s theme gives off Baran Doban vibes too.

Crest of Z