And Even More Snow…


Streets are deserted. Cars are buried (luckily mine is in the garage ^^;). Stores are closed. People are locked in. Ahahah… I’ve been living in Oregon only for seven years and this is only the second time I’ve seen so much snow. Was thinking of another snow photoshoot but it was a bit too cold this time around.


I live in a quiet neighborhood so there’s hardly ever any cars driving by ^^. I was having a blast throwing wrenches in SRWZ until my mom took over the TV orz. Guess I’ll start on another model then…


11 thoughts on “And Even More Snow…

  1. Now you know how I felt about my inspired attempt, Z. I remember a blizzard like this almost a year ago. Scratch that; now! I bet it will still be snowing and occasionally gusting if I look out the window.

  2. You’ll regret it if you do. Believe me, the novelty will wear out on you guys once the temperature truly gets to you. Cold spring-time rain is more pleasing than this because it’s warmer than a frozen obstacle course I have to shovel my way out of from time to time. More frequently in these recent days, too.

  3. Ahh Z, so you locked at “refrigerator” with your Playstation huh?
    hehe, kidding ^^

    Siroh, but it’s true, i want to touch that frozen-white think once……

  4. i wish i have snow days like that here in nyc, lucky you… the last white christmas i had here was back in 1996 lawl

    thx alot global warming

  5. God it’s been ages since snow fell and actually stayed where I live, now when it falls it just turns into goo making me skid all over the place. (poor bike of mine…)

    Snow is fun to watch thou, always inspiring for a good drawing or a nice texture for something, pity it’s so bloody cold thou.

  6. i live near memphis and it hardly snows i love it when it does but id hate to live farther north cause i know i cant drive in the snow

  7. Alan, it would be fun if the snow wasn’t frozen ^^;

    Siroh, shoveling…that’s what i’ve been doing this whole week. shovel, snow, shovel, snow. It never ends!

    Kairu, it’s a lovely experience for the first hour ^^;

    Eyeshield, locked at “refridgerator”?

    Lilboi, thought NYC would have more snow than here

    Saito, yea.. snow is nice to watch, especially at night. Like you said, it gets dangerous outside though.

    John, I can’t drive in the snow either ^^;

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