Next Gunpla Project


o0o… getting a bit of Avalanche Exia nostalgia from looking at the parts for this thing. Unsurprisingly, it’s almost like building Exia again (what’s with Astraea being the prototype and all). Chose the Type F over the original Astraea because this one looks more hotblooded :D. I’m now waiting for R10 to send me the notification saying my MG Sinanju has been shipped… c’mon…

14 thoughts on “Next Gunpla Project

  1. I hadn’t watched Gundam 00 (probably not yet), so I had no idea Char was making an appearance in Gundam 00 with a Gundam of his own!

    (Translation: I don’t mean to be Captain Obvious here, but that’s an alright-looking red MS. By the way, does the Gundam franchise really need a red mobile suit in most every new anime/manga/game?)

  2. Siroh, that’s not char’s or the antagonist suit , just a MSV of Gundam 00, like SEED Astray ^^

    Z, i think you should wait… I found the picture of type F with an Avalanche-like armor and samurai sword! But too bad you already have this, eh? ^^; i will send you the pic later.

  3. Niceee, I’ve been debating if I should get this kit or not. But since Avalanche turned out as a fail for me, I might get this. Z it’s up to you bro. Shouldn’t be a prob since you convinced me with a bunch of models already. LOL

  4. Siroh, This Gundam is not a Char xD. Nor is it in the anime but a manga (novel?) of its own (MSV). This is actually one of the few red Gundams out there ^^

    Gunstray, Red is the color of hotblood

    AstrayP03, I’m digging that mask too. It could’ve included a cape as well!

    John, the color is probably the main reason I chose this over the RWB one ^^

    Eyeshield, I’ve seen that one before actually ^^. I had that idea before too and thought about doing it but still way too lazy for all the repaint and such.

    John, easy with a MG Musha or Red Frame :D

    Francis, we’ll see soon enough I hope ^^. There are certain times where I feel like I’m giving Bandai free advertisements xD

  5. I knew I should’ve put [sarcasm][/sarcasm] UBB brackets on my post, and add more “/_______”s beyond “anime/manga/games,” but I figured my question would still get through and stand on its own about red Gundams and other red mobile suits. *shrug*

  6. Flawless Blade, I certainly hope it’s not like my Avalanche Exia

    Siroh32, hahaha my bad xD. I was actually reading it as sarcasm till I reached your “translation” part…which sounded a bit more serious ^^;

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