Mobile Suit Gundam 00 OST 3


The third soundtrack for Gundam 00 is out for those interested. So far the music for the second season sounds a lot better than the first season and less remixes of the same theme. The second season also have a lot of opera echoing in the music which I am a sucker for ^^;. Oh, gotta love that mosaic of 00 Gundam as well ^^

Oh right, guess it’d be nice to provide the tracklisting:

01 Unified World
02 Distortion
03 Determination
04 Strike- Must listen!
05 Katharon
07 Fighting Forces
08 OO GUNDAM- Must listen!
09 Affection
10 Extermination
11 Take-Off- Must listen!
12 Power Attack
13 Repose
14 Agitation
15 Secret Maneuver
16 Threatening Sign
17 The Ballroom- Must listen!
18 Innovator-(a bit creepy…mournful)… Must listen!
19 Interception
20 The Devine
21 Restart- Must listen!
22 Ash Like Snow (90sec ver.)
23 Friends (Anime ver.)


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