Astraea Type F Progress

With the MG Sinanju already coming my way, I feel a bit motivated and put some effort into finishing Astraea ASAP. Using the Avalanche Exia’s lower half to prop up the body, here are a few shots. I also did more work than I had intended with this model.


– V-fin is painted (crest and yellow part- both were originally for foil stickers). A bit messy but still trying to clean it up.

– Gray “beard” on face plate is painted. Gray shoulder part is also painted (replaced the damn foil stickers).

– All clear orb pieces are painted in clear green.

– Arms are also completed.

– Don’t worry… I”ll definitely pose it with the mask on.

– One layer of top coat.

Will try to try to try to try to complete it over the weekend… If I don’t spend the whole day playing SRWZ ^^;

17 thoughts on “Astraea Type F Progress

  1. The head kind-of looks like what Wing Gundam (or Zero) would look like if Kanetake Ebikawa redesigned it for 00… I won’t repeat my comment about red and gundams, so I’ll go with the standard “Looks good, thus far.” reply here. I’d ask about articulation, but with it that incomplete thus far, I don’t think I’d ask that just yet.

  2. Actually, I can tell you that articulation would be exactly like the 1/100 Exia (minus Avalanche Armor). All the joints are built from Exia’s runners ^^;.

  3. Prototype Exia… never really liked the design of the Astraea, mostly because of those “ears” that look like the ones of a bunny lol. Nevertheless, it look quite good.
    I pray for a future 1/100 Rasiel myself…

  4. Megane, that is due to the flat top coat. The plastic is actually shinier.

    Beamknight, I relate the ears to Gespenst ears ^^;. If they ever release a Rasiel kit, the first thing I would change is the feet >_>

  5. Astraea is going nice. 2 questions if you don’t mind.

    How many layers of topcoat do you usually put? And where do you buy your topcoat from?

  6. Nice work on Astrea so far.Was thinking if I should buy it as my next gunpla but will instead of this one I choose Over Flag, this one will have to wait ^^ . Need to buy also airbrush and start at last paint my models…

  7. AstrayP03, yup. alcohol swaps work wonders!

    Francis, give in :D

    Flawless, one layer will do the trick but I stick to two. Any more and the difference will only be noticeable to myself. Got my stuff from R10 but I’m afraid to order frequently because of Customs checking it (heard scary stories of people’s stuff getting thrown away because it was hazardous or they get fined). My cans of top coat was stuck at customs for 10 days before I got it (used EMS too).

    Paliodor, airbrushes are hella expensive ^^;

    Q, definitely the red xD. stands out more ^^

    Eyeshield, do both :D

  8. Z, have you thought at one time getting another kit of one you already have built (that you like), but personalizing it (colors, details, etc.) to your own preference? Just wondering.

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