Astraea Complete

Still have the torso to top coat and then the photoshoot before writing up the review.


I won’t be home Sunday and maybe Monday so I’m trying to shoot for Tuesday to complete the review ^^;


If this Astraea wasn’t red, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and Exia.

My friends came over today to deliver a Christmas present…


A mini nuclear reactor! Awesome! XD


Thanks guys (if you’re reading this)! Some people (like my mom) would probably be intimidated by this when they step into my room :D.

23 thoughts on “Astraea Complete

  1. Original Astraea is much whiter compared to Exia, no green ‘jewel’ like stuff on the arms and legs.

    Nice mini-reactor lol. It’s much bigger than I’ve expected :P

  2. nuclear? can i get one too? that might cut down on my insane electricity bills. Love the red astraea! If i could get the avalanche pack seperately i’d consider getting it! nice job.

  3. Wow, as usual Z, two thumbs up! Can’t wait 4 the review

    And that nuclear-thing…What’s that?? It awesome! Yes, everybody will be intimidated from just hearing word “Nuclear” ^^

  4. That is a bad ass lamp. Im assuming the lamp retracts into the case, like a control rod in a reactor? Man, where can I get that?

  5. Q, Type F2 is pretty much Exia’s body (green orbs and all) except for the breast ^^;

    Mendagu, That’s what it says on the box XD

    Busterbeam, I think it might actually increase the bill xD

    Eyeshield, just a decoration piece that takes up a lot more room than it should ^^;

    Paliodor, I was thinking of Neutron Jammers too and how it looks like it can drill into my floor.

    Gordon, don’t the Empire have better tech than this?

    Astray, yup… DETOLFs are Gunpla’s best friend.

    Mechwarrior, yea it retracts and be carried around like a rod. I don’t know where my friends got it ^^;

    Necro, must be the top coat :D

    Dredhawk, it’s okay..if Gundam SEED Destiny taught me anything, is that I can just shut it down before it blows up >_>

  6. nice lamp, nice Astraea. nice everything. haha

    quick qqqq’s are those bronze chest pieces molded in that color or did you paint that?

  7. Nice work Z, so what is the story behind the Astraea? Is it, like the kit, the same as the Exia only with a different paint scheme?

    I don’t know enough about the 00 Gundam universe…I should probably start reading up.

    That lamp is pretty cool indeed! LOL at your Seed Destiny comment!

  8. So what happened to the V-fin? The last post on the Astrea had yellow tips on the V-Fin that made the head look a little more decent than without it. In my opinion, of course. I normally don’t prefer short V-fins on Gundams.

  9. The Astraea Type F comes with parts to turn it into the type F2. The type F2 has a longer V fin, a face like exia’s, and clear orbs on it’s arms and legs, just like the exia does.

  10. By the way Z, these pictures have convinced me to get the Astraea type F…
    That makes two kits you’ve convinced me to buy…
    My wallet would hurt less if I didn’t come to this blog so much ^^

  11. Ogre, thanks ^^. I think ZAFT makes them…

    Aptkane, I actually don’t know the story myself so sorry, can’t help you there xD

    Siroh32, Necro answered your questions ^^

    Necro, thanks for answering! Sometimes I wonder if this blog is for a good cause or for evil… ^^;. Don’t be convinced yet… there’s still the full review to be taken into consideration!

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