Astraea Review… Part 1

I will try to avoid doing this in the future as much as I possibly can but due to time constraints, this is actually more beneficial and I can get things done faster this way ^^;. As the post title might imply, I’ve only posted up half of Astraea Type F’s review (mainly the construction and up to the completed model). I’ll upload the dynamic poses another day. This way, I don’t have to spend 3+ hours doing the entire review from head to start. I think it’s probably easier on your eyes as well since you’re not reading/looking everything all the way through ^^;.


While progress shots are still taken with my old camera, completed model shots are done with my SLR. You’ll noticed a lot of underexposed shots, blurry pics, and pretty much fail photos ^^;. I’ll still upload them so when I gradually improve my slr handling skills, I have photos I can look back at to see how far I’ve come.

On an unrelated note, I’ve secured the prize for the next giveaway. I’ll announce and start the contest tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Astraea Review… Part 1

  1. Does this kit have the same problems with the PC C part just like Avalanche Exia did? Same question for the hip joints.

  2. @ Z:
    Despite the problims with some of the legs joints I think I’ll get this kit anyway. I’m planning to buy the sparkle green action base 1 just to go with thsi kit, so I can always just do air attack poses or something of the sort.

  3. hono, modchip FTW ^^. It’s actually my friend’s PS2 which I borrowed… for the last *counts* five years >_>

    Necro, Oh.. that’ll be cool. Char’s action base would also work as well but might be a bit “dedicated”. Aerial poses is what this model excels on.

  4. I’m attempting to use the stand for a show accurate look with GN particles being green and all (atleast I think they’re green, I never really saw the show). Although, I’m not sure the Astraea would emit GN particles without a GN drive…

  5. I think the Astraea do have a GN drive though… After all, its weapons are the GN Sword, GN launcher, and GN rifle ^^;. It’ll work.

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