200k Hits! New Year’s Giveaway!


Blah. Couldn’t find any appropriate “200k hits! Thank you” photo! so here’s a groupshot of all the Gundam models as celebration. ^^; anyway, yea… This humble blog have just reached 200,000 hits today ^^. I remember when I used to get 5-8 hits per day on my xanga page and I thought that was incredibly high ^^;.  It feels a bit sudden and I’m like “what? really? O_O”. I’m a bit surprised… I’ve just started blogging this June as a way for myself to keep track of what I’ve built and gradually, with increasing readers and feedbacks from all of you,  it managed to end up the way it is today. Never actually thought such a niche blog could become so big ^^;. I’ve also improved my Gunpla modeling skills as a result. I thank all of you who comes here daily and occasionally, providing feedbacks about my contents, and allowing me to improve and fix things over time. I’m also thankful to people who linked to me through their blogrolls or referring to my reviews as references. It feels like I’m one step closer to my goal of becoming a “well-known gunpla blog in the otakusphere” *sheds a tear of joy* Thank you, everyone!

Now, to celebrate the coming new year and the 200k hits… It’s time for another contest!!! I’ve asked for ideas in a previous post for ideas and picked up bits here and there. Now, this time the name of the game issss….. *drum rolls*



Yup. That’s right. Create your own motivational poster with your Gundam models or figures.

– The main goal is to give THE BEST LOLZ. This is parody after all ^^.

– The sky is the limit: Do whatever you want. Use as many Gundams as you see fit. Do action poses. Battles. Photoshop. Speech bubbles. Anything. All up to you.

– Best half of all entries will go to final competition so number of final contestants will vary. Readers will do the final judgement (Poll).

– You have until next wednesday to submit an entry. One entry per person. Hope this is enough time for all of you.

– Email to zyuan3618[at]hotmail[dot]com

– Will share all the entries after this is over.

– Easy enough?

Now the prize:


In the event you won and already have this, we can work something else out. This is all for now and I’ll update if I need to make any changes or clarification. So Gundamu Contesuto… READY! GOOOOO!!!



29 thoughts on “200k Hits! New Year’s Giveaway!

  1. Congarts on 200,000 hits!!! I just started doing gunpla in Feb 08′ and stumbled upon your blog while looking for info on the Dengeki Hobby Astraea conversion kit. I really enjoyed reading all your reviews, and looking forward to many more in the new year! :)

  2. Flawless, that’s fine to use whatever pics you can find then. Just want everyone to have fun ^^

    Romi, thank you ^^

    Starboykb, take a photo and just come up with something witty :D

    GNdynames,don’t give up! 新年快乐 :D

    Busterbeam, happy new years to you too!

  3. There’s a link up there. Right under Z’s own motivational poster, click on the bold red “motivational poster”.

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