Ending the year with a reflection on my part of this blog. Talk a bit about goals for 2009 as well… in terms of Gunpla at least ^^;. There’s no doubt that I’ve built more Gunpla in ’08 alone than my whole life combined ^^;. Above is a Grand Glorious Gathering of the Gundam models I’ve built just this year.  I’ve wondered… If I didn’t start this blog, just how big would my model backlog be? I’d say the above image would probably be just an empty desk xD.


I still don’t consider Gunpla building as one of my actual hobbies (as in, going all out – painting, using “hardcore” modeling techniques, seam removal, etc); I buy Gundam models more for the “Gundam” than the “model” but I’m slowly beginning to edge more towards the hbby side, as evident by the fact that I’m gradually trying new things on my models such as detailing, using  new tools, top coat, and even recoloring ^^;. I’ll continue to experiment more until the day I am finally ready for an airbrush in my hand.


My single biggest effort this year is the MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka. This is the model which I’ve put my skills to the limit and I must say… I’ve learned a lot and experienced a whole new level of this pastime. It is the one model I am actually proud of in my lot :D. Second is my MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka and ironically, I actually intended to mess up this model because I used it as a testbed for new experiments. Funny that they are both Ver. Ka models because I dreaded building both of them >_>. On a random note, my favorite non-Gunpla review is Genesic GaoGaiGar ^^.


For 2009, my goal is to break some traditions of this blog. Specifically the “home look” part. Meaning… I would like to get into painting a model kit entirely, mainly in custom color schemes. Think I’m gonna name this group of models the “Ver. Z” ^^;. I’ve already planned out a “MG Impulse Ver. Z” for some time around spring ^^;. The “home look” reviews will continue as usual but depending on life, things might get a little slowier. In any case, I hope to clear my backlog by the end of the year – 11 MG, 1 HG, 2 SD, 1 PG.

Again, I really can’t thank all of you enough for the support. Let’s look forward to another great year of Gunpla in 2009! Cheers, everyone! ^^

13 thoughts on “明けましておめでとうございます!!!

  1. Now I will call you the Neo Gundam commander, bro. You got such a bunch of robot army to protect your room, this is friggin cool! Salute commander! :)

  2. Ohhhh I’m drooling o.o! Jesus Christ man XD I still think you should really keep the “home look” ^^ that’s why I ended up here anyways!

    Sure you have those pretty nice and gorgeous pictures of the sales ^^ But when you’re just an amateur like me (I just assemble them, I’ll probably topcoat them some time later this year but that’s IT) it’s nice to look at the model after you assemble it ^^

    I always look at the HLJ’s Hi-Nu photos and drool all over my mac, that’s when I realize, that’s waaay worked over, not just my amateur (which I enjoy btw, no time to refine all my gunpla ninj4 skillz) way ^^

    I hope you have a very nice year too Z!

  3. Wow all gunpla gathering, that looks like my dream room @_@

    i like that “ver. Z” title, or you should separate the pages on which style do you build a gunpla with?
    Home look : for normal build without paint+panel line
    real look : paint with accurate colors+top coat
    version Z : your custom color scheme+everything you want , and maybe some kit-bash

    hehe,how’s that? ^^

  4. I think you’re missing a couple, Z… Didn’t you have two different Gundam ver. [Insert Version Here] models? In any case, that’s not a bad couple of pictures of your collection…

    Enjoy your New Year’s today.

  5. Grand Glorious Gathering indeed. The next thing we know, you’ll have Ultimate Mythology for 2009.
    You may planned to finish the yet-to-assembled Gunplas, but you never know when new ones are coming your way and find yourself ditching the old ones for the new, like what you’ve done so far. lol

  6. Good luck to you and this blog which is beloved by us all.
    My advice to you is to not pressure yourself whilst doing what you love and enjoy.

    Thank you Z and enjoy the new year.(What does Z stand for by the way?)

  7. Whoo! Nice group right there. ^_^

    I actually only brought 2 Gunpla this year. A HG Exia and a 1/100 OverFlag which I am building right now. I got back into Gunpla after years of absence. I had never painted or even panel line my models before. Exia was my first model to be painted and I did mess up but I learned stuff from it.

    In the end, I think that my Exia is amazing. It took me 3 weeks to finish it because of school + homework. ^_^; You should definitely try painting also. My OverFlag is also gonna be in my own custom color.

  8. Orange, MG Nightingale… oh how I can dream…

    Kiri, thanks ^^

    Ogre, more like… I have to protect THEM from my parents and little kids xD

    Paulo, the “over work” part might seem like a lot now but eventually, you will want to try it out

    Eyeshield, I’ll have a whole section just for my own work ^^. At least that’s what I’m planning on…

    Siroh, I… probably do. I think ^^;. The models above are just the ones I built this year.

    Chris, yea… Bandai just keeps ’em coming..we’ll see xD. and Nice! you got the reference xD

    Polo, Thanks! No pressure here at all ^^. Z is my real name haha

    Flawless, Messing up is part of the learning experience. It’s how we improve. You should show us your work too ^^

  9. oh surely I’d like to try it out but when I put it down on paper how much I spend only for the model kit it’s just not well justified ._.

    not to mention that here in Brazil we have to pay tax/duties/tariffs in customs for hobby supplies/toys so take into account the usual price and include more than 60% of taxes (the f*ckers include transportation! the nerve of some people!). now imagine if I had to pay not only the kits but also some paint and *gasp* a compressor (though this I could find it here it’d be expensive)…

    unfortunately it’s not that I don’t want to try only, it’s a matter of how much I can invest. specially now that I bought myself a PS3 ^^

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