Next Gunpla Project


o0o… getting a bit of Avalanche Exia nostalgia from looking at the parts for this thing. Unsurprisingly, it’s almost like building Exia again (what’s with Astraea being the prototype and all). Chose the Type F over the original Astraea because this one looks more hotblooded :D. I’m now waiting for R10 to send me the notification saying my MG Sinanju has been shipped… c’mon…

And Even More Snow…


Streets are deserted. Cars are buried (luckily mine is in the garage ^^;). Stores are closed. People are locked in. Ahahah… I’ve been living in Oregon only for seven years and this is only the second time I’ve seen so much snow. Was thinking of another snow photoshoot but it was a bit too cold this time around.


I live in a quiet neighborhood so there’s hardly ever any cars driving by ^^. I was having a blast throwing wrenches in SRWZ until my mom took over the TV orz. Guess I’ll start on another model then…

Crest of Z


Not my crest but I’ve finally started on Super Robot Wars Z ^^. Finally get to play this now that I’m locked inside my house thanks to 6″ of snow (pure white outside). out This is my first time feeling alienated in a SRW since my very first time playing SRW- I don’t know most of the series featured here. There are the stables like the Mazingers, Getter Robo G, Nu Gundam and Zeta… but after that, I can’t really relate too much. Not really fond of Turn A and I never finished Gundam X. The rest of the shows I’ve never even seen orz. I wasn’t as excited for this SRW as I was for SRW Alpha 3.Nonetheless, I’m still enjoying this.


The advanced animation is pretty sweet but the HP/EN bars and dialogue layout is the plainest I’ve ever seen ^^;. Only on scenario 5 on Rand’s route.  What’s with mecha anime glorifying boring construction tools as weapons of mass destructions? We have Hammer, drills, wrecking balls, chainsaws, and now wrenches. HELL YEA! Rand’s theme gives off Baran Doban vibes too.

Crest of Z


Perfect Grade Gundam Astray


OMG… OMG… OMG!!! PERFECT GRADE RED FRAME! BANDAI!! YOU FINALLY DID IT!!! ^O^ YOU FINALLY FREAKIN’ DID IT!!… *ahem* So anyway, it’ll be based on the PG Strike frame and will be released in March ’09. This is already on my pre-order list. I can already imagine the 1/60 Gerbera Straight and all the poses it can pull off. Sweet!

And with that, I’m officially broke for 2009 already… orz

HGUC Sazabi Review


HGUC Sazabi’s review is up!I want to start on my HGUC Nu Gundam too but I’m on a bit of a time crunch at the moment.

The snow storm here kicked up again and today is the worst so far. Everyone is expecting six inches of snow (that’s laughable to some of you) and freezing rain right after. It was 19 degrees when I was driving home and I couldn’t see any further than 20 feet ^^;. Driving in heavy snow is almost like driving in a dream… that’s really dangerous o_o. As I was driving, I keep seeing abandoned cars on the road, some stuck under the snow and can’t get out, fishtailing, and even spin outs. I had some trouble getting my car to start moving from a stop but other that, I was pretty stable and planted on the ground ^^;. Even without tire chains, I drove up and down hills with ease, still turn without slipping, and kept control the whole time but ironically, my tires got stuck in the snow while I was trying to get into my garage xD. The snow in front of my house was left untouched since the morning. Bridgestone Potenzas FTW! ^^;

New Contest, Need Ideas


I would like to ask all of you for ideas on what the next contest should be ^^. I’ll announce another contest in about two weeks. If you don’t want another photohunt (*laughs maniacally*) then might I suggest you brainstorm some ideas :D. Really, just anything that comes to your mind that is Gundam/mecha/figure related. I’ll take all ideas into consideration and try to blend them in. I’ll also reserve a prize when the time comes.

As for the HGUC Sazabi review… I was called in to work so didn’t have time to quite finish up. Sorry… these things tend to happen a lot^^;

Completed Today, Review Tomorrow

Thanks to the snow storm, I was able to stay home and finished the HGUC Sazabi :D. I’ll have the full review up by tomorrow (night) and here’s a couple of test shots:


I wasn’t able to spray any top coat on it thanks to 19 degrees weather so I apologize for the shiny plastic. I’ve been playing around with my lighting setup to accomodate the WB on my SLR to take proper photos but I’m still not liking how it turns out so I guess I’ll just wait for real daylight ^^;.


Macro superiority