MG Sinanju Painting Tips


So needing to paint the gold trims on the Sinanju might’ve put some of you off from this kit. Some of you, like me, aren’t exactly meticulous with your hands to paint. Well, here are a few ways of tackling Sinanju’s gold trims courtesy of Dengeki Hobby (and one from me ^^).

1. Cut out the black and apply only the gold trim


This one should come as a no-brainer to anyone who doesn’t want to paint. While it looks easy, you actually need to be very careful so as to not cut into the gold itself. For the most part, it is pretty easy but think… how are you going to tackle the gold curves at the wrist and collar? and do you think you can get the black area between the emblem’s wings? This is just some of the more apparent issues you will run into if you take this route. A very sharp knife is needed for this but that sharpness also increases your chance of screwing up.

2. Applying the water slide decals


Like the gold foil stickers, it’s best that you also trim the decal right at the border of the actual gold trim. With this route, it’s also necessary that you shell out the extra money for Mr. Mark Softener or Mr. Mark Setter. They are toxic chemicals that softens and “melts” the decal onto the plastic so it sticks otherwise it can fall off or make the gold trim look like ass.

3. Paint with Gundam Marker


You can pick up a gold Gundam marker and paint the trim with it directly or dispense the paint into a dish and use a brush (why not just buy a bottle of Mr. Hobby Gold in this case?). Don’t be deceived by the pictures. The paintjob in the photo above is like…smoother than the foil sticker. As easy as it looks, there’s no way any mere mortals can do such a clean job with a Gundam marker(not to mention it’s not THAT easy to clean off excess as well). The photos made the process look like cake. Use a real touch black (or the panel line Gundam marker) to sharpen the edges.

4. Spray paint


Exactly as it looks. Spray paint all in gold then color in the black. This seems like the hardest route to take. Again, not as easy as the photos make it out to be…

5. Masking and spraypaint.


THIS is my favorite route (not). Meticulously cut tiny rectangles and just mask the whole thing (repeatedly!) before spraypainting! Very effective but very time consuming and tedious… so this is not very efficient. Props to you if you want to do this. The blue bottle in the picture is Mr. Masking Sol.

And now… here’s a tip from yours truly…



This idea came to my mind after I got really frustrated with the rounded edges and curves on the shield. This method is simple; just paint the foil stickers and apply. You’ll still get the painted look but the lines will be cleaner. It’s also much easier this way too since you’re not fretting about getting paint all over. HOWEVER! There are some drawbacks…

– You can only do this for half of the foil sheets. Mainly The foil stickers that doesn’t have any black in them. Still, this is a great time saver.

– This doesn’t save you from the cracks/gaps/seams that the foil stickers will leave from fitment

– Crease marks and bends are more noticeable due to the paint.

– You can risk having the paint seeping into the adhesive part.

– a pointer: do either spray a little top coat or primer onto the foil sticker. The paint doesn’t stick well onto the foil. I had to apply multiple layers.

Since I have an ego over foil stickers, I only used this method on the red part of the shield (pictured above). That’s as far as I’ll go. The black part of the shield is handbrushed. The two blends perfectly. I’ll continue to handbrush the rest of the model. This method is only a last resort for the painting route to escape tough situations.

Hope this helps some of you. I won’t be updating again until Saturday or Sunday. I have a four page essay I need to type up by Friday xD.

MG Sinanju WISP- Shield Angst


I’m beginning to understand Busterbeam’s pain a little more now. I’m going to punch Katoki if I ever meet the guy in Japan. I’m not only under the impression that he doesn’t apply the decals and stickers to the models that he designed but now I’m also under the impression he doesn’t even build the kit himself to see if things are sensible.


The shield is gonna annoy the **** out of me when I do Sinanju’s photoshoot. The shield attaches VERY POORLY to the forearm- it doesn’t clamp on completely and easily pops off. Shoulder attachments? The law of gravity makes the shield DROP immediately since the tiny arm can’t hold it up at all so you can kiss that gimmick goodbye. The shield itself looks great though… after spending oh so much effort into painting it. I’m glad I got that over with.


Shoulders- Remember… paint the yellow vents gold while it is still on the runner for obvious reasons. Was thinking of painting the thrusters but thought I’d pass on it this time.


I’ll apply the decals and top coat after the entire model is complete. There’s 147 unique decals with most having duplicates for different sides so that’s probably 330+ decals that I’ll be applying. Weeee!

恭喜发财! 新年快乐!


恭喜发财! 恭喜! 恭喜! 新年快乐!  ^o^ (don’t know how to type out all the other lines in English. har har) Let us all welcome the year of the Ox! ^^. Ahh… Chinese New Year… my favorite and only holiday that I truly celebrate. Good times good times. However, there are little to no festivities where I live now unlike NYC’s Chinatown and other places around the world. Guess I can talk about how the usual Chinese New Year’s day can go and some tradition tidbits ^^;.


Decorations and food at home this time is modest at best (none of that red paper, firecrackers, and stuff) but the tradition and culture is still strong as ever! The pastries and snacks are very traditional- plain cupcakes (fat tay), fried shrimp chips, oily fried dumplings, and a dish of sweets (candied coconut, wintermelons, lucky candy, pistachios, ferrero rocher and bunch of chocolate). I can’t say I like any of them though >_>.


The food we usually have is plain but also traditional as well- Steamed chicken, water chestnuts, fat pork, rice noodles, “jai” (mix veggies… love the black fungus!), dried oysters with “black hair” (that’s what it looks like) and I don’t know where the pork tongue came from. From morning to noon, one is not supposed to eat any meat.

A few important things to keep in mind during New Year to gain as much “good luck” as possible and minimize them from leaving:

– ALWAYS be positive. Do not use negative statements.

– No Arguing or causing trouble

– No foul language (I almost always fail at this one)

– Do not wash your hair on this day (washing away your luck)

There are like hundreds more but these four are the easiest to break xD.

After noon, the family usually sets out to greet friends and families. This is the best part of the day because this is when the red envelops (lay see) start flowing in :D (but if you are the parent, then money is flowing out). This is also the time to see festivities like lion dances, and exploding firecrackers but not in this city. For dinner, there’ll be a big feast of course but some families usually go out to restaurants.  I remember when I was little, all I care about buying with the red envelops were toys and candy. Now they just become gas money ^^;. Hope all of you are having a great Chinese New Year as well (if you are celebrating it).

Sinanju WISP in a bit…

MG Sinanju Cheat Sheet


This finally came in from HLJ and now I can really get to work on actually “completing” all the parts that I’ve assembled. There’s no way in hell am I going to spend hours aligning EVERY SINGLE dry transfer decals onto Sinanju without screwing up a couple. The water slide decals should be able to nullify that risk. Mr. Mark Setter for finishing touch.

Also, picked this up today too…


Bought it to see Dengeki’s Sinanju tutorial. I haven’t had the time to open it yet but will show some shots when I do. I could care less for the GN Sefer that was included  since I don’t have a Rasiel. Maybe give the Sefer away?

Also, thank you all very much for the heartfelt get well wishes! ^^ I’m better now but still need to crash now and then. Black chinese medicine brewed out of mysterious grass, roots, twigs, and herbs FOR THE BITTER WIN.

MG Sinanju WISP- Paint vs. Decals vs. Stickers


If you’re gonna paint the Sinanju, the shield is probably THE most troublesome part to handle. All the curves and rounded edges can be a harsh nightmare. Thought I’d take this time to crush anyone’s hope who is still thinking that the foil stickers or waterslide decals that came with Sinanju is “not that bad” ^^;.


First off, the water decals are PATHETIC (upper left corner). It has fitment issues thanks to the clear borders around the part. Of course you can take care of it by trimming it off around the actual decal but that requires delicate work. I did my best to make it fit… and it just doesn’t work. At this point, might as well paint it gold. The gold on the waterslide decals has a very dark tone to it… almost like bronze.


Okay… the foil stickers might not look TOO BAD on just one side but if you think about how the rest of the shield can also be covered in that same bling bling champagne gold then you might realize how cheap and obnoxious it will look. The fitment is fine but this is just for that one sticker. The light tone of the gold plus the sheer reflectiveness of the foil doesn’t work well with the rest of Sinanju though.


A bit of a blurry shot but you’ve seen enough of the gold paint on other areas already. At the very end, I’m glad I stuck with the paint process. It requires a buttload of more work and patience but it really pays off. I also prefer some minor brushstroke impurities here and there than ultra bling stickers that makes the model look extremely cheap. Now I don’t have to keep wondering if it was worth ditching the foil stickers for.

Hei hei… back to work…

MG Sinanju WISP- Arms and Hands


Oh man… I can see it. All the badass poses Sinanju will be able to pull off. The arms can do it, no doubt. If it can do Fabulous Lelouch poses, then it can do ANY poses!


So far, I think the gold is blending in really nicely with the red ^^.


Sinanju’s arms are actually one of the more sophisticated I’ve seen in a MG; there is a lot going on internally (namely sliding parts and a “detachable” wrist). The arms are completely symmetrical so the only thing differentiate between left and right is the hand. It’s really amazing just watching the parts slide as the arm bend. Goes to show Bandai worked their magic on this part.

Waiting for my “cheat sheet” before I start the decal work. More WISP to come later.

Still Alive…


Slowly, but surely I am still working on the MG Sinanju and will try to be done by the end of this month. This week was extremely chaotic for me; waking up early morning, go out, and not returning till 12 am. Everyday. I am dead tired. Okay, enough with that. Danny Choo and Ngee Khiong both posted up new goodies on the Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame. SWEET! While I usually just buy models I want when they first release, I’m gonna hold back this time because I have a full schedule of models to build this year already ^^;.

As for MG Sinanju’s WISP, I’m actually done with the entire arm but I want to wait until I’m actually awake so I can actually talk about it. Today’s part is about how Sinanju can trigger the inner OCD in you. I wasn’t satisfied in my paint job on the wrist part so I cleaned off the paint, repaint, and repeat till I am certain it was the best I can do (consequently, the parts are scratched a bit from the cleaning). Damn was it annoying. Just another thing to look out for if you’re planning on tackling this model. I’ll be back to full force on this model Sunday.