Astraea Review Part 2- Action!


Wee! First post of the year! Here’s the second part of Astraea Type F’s review. The remainder being all the action photos and the summary. Was using my mini reactor for lighting and standing next to it for the whole photoshoot and now I’m seeing stars ^^;. In case some of you missed it, I started another giveaway two post down. I’ve received six entries so far ^_^. Hope there will be more coming in!

A full frontal battle will start on Saturday.

13 thoughts on “Astraea Review Part 2- Action!

  1. Six entries? Man, they’re fast. Still working on mine though.

    Saturday? What battle? The 2nd coming of the red comet?

  2. Sorry if I was too blunt earlier. But seeing you say Sinanju means you know quite a bit too. I myself look that up at Wikipedia. XP

  3. I just know a little bit from various blogs and whatnot. Not all that much though. You will be glad to know that I know that amuro was indeed the pilot of Gundam ^^

  4. The deadline is Wednesday, right?
    Wait for me! Still looking for ideas ^^

    haha, don’t worry Necro, i know that RX 78 is gundam just recently, though i have gundam head picture when i was little ^^

  5. Double post. Btw sorry about the unexpected bandwidth overload – the coverage is now back up as I’ve hosted them on Flickr.

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