MG Sinanju- My Battle Begins!

Update: What’s with school starting and all, I’ve extended the deadline of the giveaway to Friday the 9th so more people can take their time to work on their entry. I’ve received 10 so far. ^^


So apparently I’ve actually received this on Dec 30th, 2008 but since nobody bothered to tell me that it arrived, I didn’t know about it and was walking past it for the past couple of days ^^;. What’s better to kick off the new year than the lastest Master Grade from Bandai, right?


GAHH! The horrendous gold foil stickers. I would’ve just shred them up on the spot if I didn’t pay so much for this model. Saying that, my gold paint of choice is Tamiya Gold Leaf- If I hate the result, then I’ll be using the other sheet of decals. One thing that really irked me was how many keep referring to the other Gold sheet as “clear stickers”. IT IS NOT. THEY ARE WATER TRANSFER DECALS! damn… so misleading. There is NO CLEAR STICKERS IN THIS MODEL! *ahem* anyway… I’m probably gonna be spending around 3-4 weeks on this model so it’ll be awhile (remember how I took over a month on MG Unicorn?). For the mean time, you can check out Dalong’s completed review or fellow comrade Busterbeam’s Work in Progress on his Sinanju. Of course, you’ll also see  yours truly WISP as the weeks go by as well ^^;.

The rest of the package…


Infinite Justice which I’ll save for later and another Shining Gundam (gave away my first one to the winner of my last Giveaway).

And… here… we… GO!


30 thoughts on “MG Sinanju- My Battle Begins!

  1. to any one who may be offended by what i said above im sorry didnt think about it when i said it but now i realize it may have been again sorry

  2. actually… that is the VERY FIRST (so “the oldest”) MG Strike ^^;. Same Strike you get with the Sword and Launcher…and the Rouge.. and the IWSP… yea.

  3. figures i want a good strike but all i get is plain and no good posing sorry to post so much i i just love gundams and like to talk about them

  4. Okay, I’m slow…I only realised now that when you mentioned,”A full frontal battle will start on Saturday”, you’re talking about this thing here. ^^;;;;

  5. I’m working on the Sinanju myself, and the question of what to do with the gold is really bugging me.

    Tamiya gold leaf? some other paint? real gold leaf? gold BMF? I don’t know! *flails*

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